Como deve ser o design de um e-commerce líder de vendas?

What should the design of a best-selling e-commerce be like?

The online market is growing exponentially. According to E-marketing, the industry is expected to reach US $4 trillion in sales by 2020. One of the greatest difficulties for those who work in this market is to create the ideal e-commerce design, which encourages visitors to buy quickly and recurrently.

To make customers stay with e-commerce and see what it offers, the visit must be enjoyable. According to the design platform Canva, 20% of the brain's functioning is geared towards processing images. Thus, one of the ways for the consumer to have a pleasant experience is to get the design of the pages right.

On the other hand, to catch the consumer's attention it is not necessary to have a sprawling website. You need to create an identity that represents the brand's values, as well as conveying trust and professionalism. Want to know how to create an e-commerce project? Check out the following tips.

Pay attention to the search bar

It is usually the beginning of the visitor's journey on the site. One way to give it the attention it deserves is to prevent it from contrasting with the overall core palette of the page. Also remember to set a short description in the search field. This is important to differentiate the places on the site that allow text to be entered, such as a newsletter subscription, for example. Some suggestions are:

  • What are you searching for?
  • What do you want now?
  • Search by name, brand, or keyword.

Next to the search bar, you need to display the action button. A hint about what is verb is clear and indicates what action will be displayed to the visitor. It is important that it gives a sense of movement. It can be, for example, "Search", "Find" or "Discover".

Give the visitor the possibility to filter the search results

Just as important as the search bar is a results page. This is a crucial phase of the purchase journey, which is already one of the visitor's decision moments. From the results, he thinks whether to click on one of the items or leave the site.

A good practice for e-commerce design is that a results page allows the visitor to further filter a search. Ideally, new filters should be offered as an initial search done. These should include: sort by price, popularity, size, color, style, and others. Being able to select more than one item is key.

Use high quality photos

The success of the online sale is a direct result of how the products are presented. When you make a beautiful, desirable and high-quality offer, the visitor is more likely to consume. According to the Builder Expert, 92% of online consumers say that how the item is displayed directly affects their buying decision.

The quality of the images directly affects as conversions, since in the online marketplace you cannot touch, wear or interact with the item offered. A graphical representation of the product needs to be good, or enough to compensate that the buyer will decide based on a description, not physical contact. Therefore:

  • use high quality images that are not fuzzy or with apparent pixels;
  • have images customized for your e-commerce to differentiate the product from other sites;
  • as images must be standardized and follow a brand identity;
  • show all the product's angles and invest in 360° images;
  • have images for all versions of the same product;
  • offer a zoom option so that all the details are visible;
  • images must have context: if possible, show or product in use in a real situation;
  • use videos as an alternative to more selective and informative descriptions;
  • the price should always be visible.

Opt for a responsive layout

According to SimilarWeb, 56% make e-commerce traffic in the United States of America (USA) in 2015 was used for mobile devices. This means that in order to sell more, you need to ensure that your material is compatible with most of the devices available on the market.

As advantages are numerous, especially from a technical point of view. A responsive site is better positioned in search engines, since this is a very important criterion in search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization - SEO) Therefore, the chances of getting more traffic and increasing conversion rates are provided to the responsiveness of the e-commerce design.

Include all necessary information

It is essential to ensure that all the information needed for decision making is available on the product page. A consumer is not going to call or email to request more information, they will look for another vendor. So make the process easy and offer all the content needed for the purchase. They include, for example:

  • price;
  • cores;
  • measurements;
  • materials used;
  • technical description;
  • return policy;
  • availability in stock;
  • freight value;
  • delivery time;
  • customer reviews and testimonials.

Get expert help

Optimizing the e-commerce layout can be complicated. There are many details that make the difference in how the user will relate to a virtual store. That is why it is important to have experienced professionals capable of helping in the decision making process and respecting the brand's identity and tone of voice.

When looking for a company to help develop your e-commerce site and application, do the following:

  • What e-commerce platforms have you developed on?
  • What special features can be used?
  • Will my e-commerce be responsive?
  • How easy will it be to same site and site administration?
  • How will I be able to measure the performance of the page?
  • Which SEO plugins will be integrated?

Developing and maintaining an online sales platform can be the key factor in a successful venture. Caring about e-commerce design is one of the crucial factors to increase the chances of success. Having expert help can be a determining factor in the long-term performance of the platform.

Codeby is an agency specialized in developing websites, applications, and e-commerce, which has developed over 30 online sales platforms for large companies. Contact us and ask your questions.

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