Dia do Frete Grátis: como usar esta estratégia no seu e-commerce

Free Shipping Day: how to use this strategy in your e-commerce

O Free Shipping Daywhich this year will be celebrated at the end of April (28), is one of the most important promotional dates after Consumer Day and is considered by retailers as the second biggest sales opportunity for e-commerce in the first half.

Offering free shipping is one of the most used strategies by retailers to reduce cart abandonment rates, since one of the main breaches of customer expectations that lead to giving up are the high values, especially when they are only informed at the closing of the order or are close to the value of the product itself.

According to a survey conducted by Rakuten Advertisingabout 43% of Brazilian consumers feel motivated to buy with this type of promotion.

Therefore, Free Shipping Day is an excellent occasion to retain consumers, increase conversion rates, attract new customers and, of course, decrease cart abandonment rates.

This is a really positive tactic for business and, depending on the result, you can invest in this type of promotion at other times of the year and with different objectives.

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How did Free Shipping Day come about?

Como surgiu o Dia do Frete Grátis

Like Black Friday, the Free Shipping Day was also imported from the United States, which is known as "Free Shipping Day. The difference is that, unlike what happens here in Brazil, the date is celebrated in December, thus closing the big shopping season - which begins with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In Brazil, where e-commerce has been following an increasing growth in Black Friday sales, the celebration of Free Shipping Day was brought forward to the first half of the year with the aim of also stimulating sales in the sector in the first months of the year.

Strategies for using the free shipping promotion

Estratégias para utilizar a promoção do frete grátis

Boosting sales, loyalty and reducing cart abandonment are some of the advantages of offering free shipping in your e-commerce. However, before applying this strategy, it is necessary to think of a way to apply it efficiently so as not to cause complications.

One of the options, for example, is to incorporate the shipping cost in the product's price, totally or partially, in order to avoid losses in the sale. With this in mind, check out some tips on how to use free shipping to win over consumers and promote your business.

1 - Free shipping above a certain value

A widely used tactic among retailers is to offer free shipping on purchases over a certain amount.

To stipulate what this value will be, evaluate the average ticket spent on your e-commerce and also the costs, so that bearing the freight compensates for the return on profit with each purchase.

2 - Free shipping on the purchase of more than one product

Another interesting possibility is to offer free shipping on the purchase of more than one item, thus stimulating customers to buy more. Example: if there is R$40,00 left in products to get free delivery and the shipping is R$30,00, many will prefer to buy more items.

3 - Free shipping on the next order

This is an interesting strategy to build customer loyalty. Keep them around by offering free delivery on their next order, reminding them that they will have this benefit.

4 - Free shipping by region

Creating a free shipping campaign for a specific region can also be an excellent plan of action. Like, for example, giving free delivery to the regions of São Paulo.

However, this strategy will depend on how your products are shipped and also on the cost of delivery, even if it is a tactic that attracts several customers.

How to enjoy Free Shipping Day without losses

Como aproveitar o Dia do Frete Grátis sem prejuízos

Before creating a free shipping promotion, it is necessary to pay attention to a few points:

  • Organize your campaign in advance;
  • Invest in the dissemination of the offers you prepare on social networks;
  • Optimize the management of order delivery.

Having a business and financial planning, besides an efficient strategy to avoid the risk of losses, investing in the Free Shipping Day promotion is very advantageous for your e-commerce, in the same way that it helps to stand out from the increasing competition.

*Article based on Codeby's publication on the website of partner E-commerce Brasil.

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