5 dicas para se destacar seu e-commerce e vencer a concorrência

5 tips to make your e-commerce stand out and beat the competition

Online stores are becoming more and more trendy and an increasing number of transactions are carried out every day. With the growing number of people looking to e-commerce for both convenience and security, the number of innovations in e-commerce tools is increasing, and consequently, so is the competition. In this competitive environment, highlighting your brand's virtual store is a basic survival strategy.

But how to do this? If you do not know how to highlight your e-commerce and beat the competition, this article is for you! In it, we will list five very practical tips that will help you boost your sales and consolidate your brand in the market. Let's go!

1. Know Your Customer Well

The first tip to make your online store stand out for good is to know your customers. This is important because by defining your audience through access metrics, you can know what they need, what are the pains you should solve and what are the best strategies to reach them.

For example, if your online store works with fishing products, the strategy used to talk to the customer will certainly differ from those who have an e-commerce of management software. This situation occurs because they are people, in general, with different lifestyles and seek more specific information about each of these subjects.

To get to know your customer well, try to map out, through monitoring strategies, the type of person who most accesses your online store, what are the problems they need to solve, and draw up a profile. Your sales strategies should be directed to these people.

It is also interesting that you establish a relationship with the public via service channels and, based on them, create bonds of trust with the customer. This user who comes to you is a potential ally in identifying possible problems on your site.

2. Invest in Digital Marketing Strategies

All e-commerce, whatever its nature, should not be unrelated to digital marketing strategies. But how to define these strategies? Within digital marketing, you can adopt some of the paths briefly presented below.


To make your online store stand out, SEO is a great option. Search Engine Optimization, or the optimization of websites for search engines, is a strategy that aims to rank your site organically in search pages such as Google. For this purpose, the use of appropriate keywords is analyzed, as well as the usability of the site and its scannability.

E-mail Marketing

Sending e-mails to registered customers is an important conversion tool. However, it must be used without exaggeration to not be considered spam by your customers.

Social media

Use social media as a way to get closer to your audience, stand out in the market, and offer quality content. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn, among others, offer several possibilities that can leverage e-commerce and make your site a reference on the subject.

Content Marketing

Consists in the generation of relevant content that helps the customer to make decisions. These types of strategies work with landing pages (sales direction pages), blog and social network publications, e-book production, SEO, e-mail marketing, etc.

Sales funnel

This is the identification of the paths taken by the customer until the purchase is made. It is through this analysis that you have a better notion of your customer's behavior. For this strategy, as for the others we have presented, knowing your customer well is also fundamental.

3. Take Advantage of Special Dates

Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas are dates that always call for a special gift. For this reason, if you want to make your online store stand out, you must take advantage of these dates wisely and also according to your products.

To win customers over and make them complete their purchases, offer special services in the days leading up to these commemorative dates. Think of strategies such as discounts, free shipping, customized products, among others.

Another interesting way to boost sales in a certain period are the stock sales, after all every store needs to renew its products due to several factors (season, more modern items, etc). Take advantage of these occasions to offer discounts that are really worth it for the consumer and repeat this a few times a year.

4. Organize Your Online Store

Just like in the physical stores, where the customer hardly enters to buy if it is messy, the virtual stores also need to be organized. Very polluted sites, confusing information or even the lack of it can drive away a new user.

If you want to avoid this problem, create an e-commerce site that is pleasing to the eye! Deliver relevant information about all products sold, create service channels that really work, and remember to monitor, through tools, the reasons why the user leaves your site before finalizing the purchase.

Don't forget that your site must be responsive, that is, it must adapt to the various screen formats of the devices at the time of purchase. With the increasing use of smartphones, it is becoming more and more common for people to access pages and conduct transactions through these devices. You don't want to miss this opportunity, right?

Furthermore, having a responsive layout also helps the SEO of your page. Google, for example, will only display sites that have this functionality during a search on a mobile device.

5. Test Your E-Commerce Performance Constantly

Functionality tests are tools that test all the functions of the site, from landing pages to sales conversion. With them it is possible to map, anticipate and identify possible errors that your e-commerce can present.

These tests are made by robots. Through automation, they go through the purchase process and, if there is a problem, they send a report to the person responsible for the site so that a solution can be found immediately.

These tools, besides avoiding possible headaches, improve the user's browsing and buying experience, and prevent you from incurring financial losses.

With all these tips, it is possible to identify customers, leverage communication and marketing strategies, anticipate possible mistakes, and finally, make the virtual store stand out from the competition. If you don't want to miss any news about these and other subjects related to e-commerce, follow us on Facebook to stay on top of everything!

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