E-commerce: como vender na internet com sucesso

E-commerce: How to Sell Successfully on the Internet

There are some strategies that are crucial for the success of an e-commerce and to increase Internet sales. Check out the main ones right now.

Online sales are essential for businesses, since the adhesion of the public to e-commerce grows more and more. But how to sell successfully on the internet? What are the essential elements that must be observed by online stores?

These questions can be answered in several ways. There are, therefore, many strategies that promise to increase the success of an e-commerce and it is not always possible to know which ones really comply with what is advertised.

Thinking about this we have separated for you some tips that guarantee the growth of your sales on the Internet and that can be the key to the turn to success!

Boost your results: How to get success with your e-commerce

Here are some tips that will work in a way to increase not only the hits to your sales site, but mainly the conversions in sales and improve even more the image of your brand to the public.

Develop a logo for visual identification

First of all, be sure to create a visual identity for your company by developing a logo. With it you improve your representation in the market, ensure recognition by the public, and also attract them.

Segment your performance

Segmenting the performance of an e-commerce is to take into account what the brand's persona is. That is, which is the audience that is the focus of sales and has more chances of becoming a customer of the company.

This takes into consideration age, gender, and region of residence, among other things. All this influences the way your brand will behave, as well as your posts and approaches to the public.

Be present on social networks

Likewise, it is crucial for any kind of company to be present on social networks. After all, they are used by millions of people and allow for greater interaction between the brand and the public.

Likewise, it helps in the development of the company's personality and identity. Be sure to apply strategies such as sponsored links, post targeting, and keyword positioning techniques in your publications.

Apply audience engagement strategies

Fourth, don't forget to use audience engagement strategies in your e-commerce business. This tip, by the way, is directly related to the previous one.

This is because engagement usually occurs in the brand's social networks. It corresponds to the use of consumers as advertising vehicles for your company.

It is illustrated, for example, in campaigns that offer benefits or participation in sweepstakes in exchange for tagging other people in the post and liking the photos. This is a great help in promoting your online business!

Pay attention to mobile accesses

One of the most common mistakes of e-commerce is not paying attention to the accesses to the site that are made from smartphones. When there is no adaptation of the page for the cell phone screen, the information can be confusing and incomplete, and the design can become completely disorganized and non-intuitive.

Therefore, it is essential that your site is adapted for mobile access, especially given Google's Mobile First algorithm, which ranks pages according to their availability.

Use tools to measure the results of your e-commerce campaigns

Another very important point concerns the use of tools to measure results. This is the best way to know if a campaign and the strategies adopted are having an effect.

Tools like Google Analytics allow you to measure the number of visits to your e-commerce site, sales conversions, and even how many people abandon the shopping cart and in how long they do it.

This way it is possible to compare access data from before a campaign and related to the period after its adoption. With this the company can know if the strategy was successful and decide to keep it or not if it is positive or negative, respectively.

Stay in touch with your clientele

This is a very important factor for the success of an e-commerce. First of all, it is essential that your company has tools that allow you to contact your public.

After all, it is common for consumers to encounter doubts that go beyond the questions in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of your site. Likewise, in some cases the customer still feels insecure and uses the contact to ensure that he is negotiating with an idoneous company.

So be attentive to contacts made through message boxes or comments on social networks. Also, make a business WhatsApp available on your e-commerce website.

Finally, do not forget that contact is not only important in the pre-sale and during marketing, but also afterwards. So, try to contact the customer after the sale, seeking to know their opinion about the product, their satisfaction and how you can improve their experience.

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