7 dicas para seu E-commerce se sair bem na Black Friday 2022

7 tips for your E-commerce to do well on Black Friday

Black Friday is coming and with it, countless questions not only from consumers, but also from businesses, so we decided to bring some tips for your company to enjoy the most anticipated Friday of the year without major problems.

It's no secret that on Black Friday the increase in sales rises considerably for all types of businesses. To get an idea, in 2017 Black Friday alone generated R$ 2.1 billion in revenues in the e-commerce category, a considerable increase compared to the previous year.

So many sales opportunities cannot be wasted by not preparing efficiently for this date, so check out now the tips we give you.

Prepare everything

Planning is the soul of any successful business, this initiative will help you better trace your strategies and keep your project organized. So plan everything at least one month in advance, so the chances of something going wrong are minimal.

Promotional campaigns

Promotional campaigns are also worthwhile when the subject is Black Friday, after all it will not only be your store that will have low prices. Invest in planning an efficient campaign and in storytelling to reach your public.

Black Friday is a period where retail revenues tend to increase considerably, but be careful not to have unnecessary costs with campaigns and this ends up hurting the final result.

Choose the products for the promotion

When it's time to put the products on promotion, the company needs to take some care not to get hurt. The choice of products is very important for your performance on Black Friday is satisfactory for the company and its customers.

Do not choose to put recently launched products on promotion. The customer will hardly buy again at the normal price once he has purchased for less. Give preference to two types of products: the saleable ones and the profitable ones.

The most saleable, which are those products that customers already know, usually have high sales. Putting them on promotion is a way to increase the flow of customers visiting your store.

The profitable products, on the other hand, are those that have a higher value, which is why sales are not so high at other times of the year. Normally they are products with a high purchasing value, but that cause great interest in the consumer. Putting this type of product on promotion will draw attention to your brand and attract more consumers to your store. Learn more here.

Send e-mail

Email is the most efficient tool to keep in touch with your customer and communicate events and exclusive offers. On Black Friday, use this tool to give your customer first-hand information.

Encourage your customer with favorite products, recently visited products, or products waiting in the cart. Show that you know them, and want them to get the best price.

Invest in features

Features improve the customer's experience on the site, considerably increasing the time they stay on the site or decreasing the time it takes to make a purchase decision. There are countless options of functionalities, and here at Codeby we work with some very interesting ones, such as

Do Data Mining - Give the option to register email and stay on top of promotions. With this information it is possible to do data analysis and discover hidden problems and opportunities, patterns and variables that can be very useful for your company. This type of action requires little customer interaction and keeps your company with important information about your customers.

Listings - Quickly list products on super promotion.

Gamification - Who doesn't like a little game, especially when you win discounts or benefits on your purchase, this type of action gives the feeling of individual benefit and positively influences the purchase decision.

Countdown - Using a countdown to indicate the beginning of the promotion on the site is very interesting for the customer. This type of action usually causes an increase in site visits and customer anxiety.

Best time to start

In relation to last year's sales, the period that had the highest sales growth was from 6 pm to midnight on the eve of Black Friday. Many companies start with some promotions on the eve to "heat up" sales and this is totally valid.

Whether it is the day before or on Black Friday it is important that you start your offers a little earlier, between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM the day before. That way if any mishaps happen or something goes off plan, you will have time to correct it.

Have a DEV team for the event

On Black Friday, it's best to have a DEV team just for the event, so that everything is organized and easy to handle. Besides that, there are less chances of mistakes, and if there are any, it's easier and faster to fix them.

Responsive Layout

If your store does not yet have a responsive layout, you may be unprepared for a good portion of consumers. In research results about Black Friday 2017, purchases made via mobile grew by 81.8%, equivalent to almost 30% of purchases made in the period were made this way and this year the numbers promise to rise even more.

I hope you enjoyed the tips we left here, leave your opinion in the comments!

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