Entenda a grande importância da logística para e-commerces

Understand the great importance of logistics for e-commerces

The numbers of Brazilian e-commerce are impressive. According to E-bit, the sector invoiced R$21 billion in the first half of 2017, up 7.5% compared to the same period in 2016. Among the reasons for growth are greater consumer confidence and management efficiency. Decisions regarding points such as logistics for e-commerce are being better guided and this is reflected in the quality of transactions.

In today's post, we will elucidate the importance of logistics and give suggestions on how to improve the internal processes related to it. Read on!

What is the Importance of E-Commerce Efficient Logistics?

In general terms, efficient logistics can contribute to good e-commerce numbers. The customer already knows that he will have to wait for the order. However, if the business can surprise them in a positive way, you will not only have a competitive advantage over the competition, but also the possibility of generating more engagement / referrals from consumers.

To get an idea of the relevance of this area, the total amount of freight paid by e-commerce consumers reached R$1.03 billion in the first half of this year, and the average value was R$29.93 per delivery (E-bit data). This reinforces the importance of having a well-structured logistics process capable of meeting the demands of both sides - customer and business.

How to Optimize the Logistics Strategy?

All processes must be thought through to bring speed to the operation. Let's go to the main points:

1. keep suppliers close

This means that you must be aware of the suppliers' tables with costs, availability, and especially delivery time. In addition, it is necessary to know if there are value surcharges (labels and packaging), how is the exchange and return policy of suppliers and who is responsible for deliveries (if it is the supplier or a third party).

2. Develop a well-structured picking process

The products in stock have arrived. The next step is to catalog and store them in a way that makes it easier to identify them and separate them for forwarding to the consumer. This is the picking process, and it also needs to be structured. The most efficient way is to identify the products with the highest output.

Generally, most orders are around 20% to 30% of the SKUs (products with the highest output). In other words, the largest order volume is made from a small portion of the portfolio. Identifying which products have the highest demand will facilitate both stocking and picking, and they should be catalogued and stored in easily accessible locations.

3. Control everything that is relevant

Start by controlling the stock, which avoids the accumulation or lack of products and also helps in the control of finances, in the strategy of promotions and offers, among other points. The ideal is to keep a frequent inventory, capable of avoiding losses and allowing the e-commerce to anticipate product shortage or excess.

4. Have more than one shipping option

A survey conducted by ABCOMM indicated that 90% of e-commerce stores use the Post Office and only 35% use private carriers. Despite the low cost of freight and the comprehensiveness of the post office services, there are still issues related to strikes, and this influences logistics.

The solution? Seek balance in shipments, partnerships with carriers, and align well the sales objectives, and thus consolidate a sustainable growth of the business.

5. Count on management and control software

The time of spreadsheets is over. They may be useful, but they do not deliver the same results as management software. With it, it is possible to keep control of all logistics areas, allowing, for example, anticipating low and high demand, knowing when it is necessary to renew stock, facilitating processes, among other advantages for e-commerce logistics.

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