Entenda a importância do design na hora de criar o seu site

Understand the importance of design when creating your website

With the ease that technology has provided us in recent years, the interest in building one's own website, whether for leisure or for profit, has drawn a lot of people's attention. But besides a good construction, it is necessary to pay attention to the design for websites.

Unlike in the early 2000s, where sites had the information scattered on the screen, following color schemes as the owner wanted, in recent years, people have invested heavily in building sites with appropriate designs for the public.

In this way, it is possible to generate more trust on the part of the user and, consequently, achieve a greater number of sales. Want to know how design can help increase traffic to a site? Check out our article below!

How Can Web Site Design Improve Usability?

Usability is one of the fundamental items in website construction. It is where we define the way to "educate" the users. The good use of the technique allows easy learning by the readers, who, by using the menus and filters, can find the information they need quickly.

Easy access to information increases productivity in searches, generating engagement, and, together with consistent content, makes the user an active visitor on the site.

In addition to a well-structured menu, it is important that the site has a search box to facilitate the search for a particular topic and offer tools that increase the font size if the user feels the need.

Why Responsive Design?

Responsive design allows a site to adapt to different screen formats (whether on smartphones, tablets, or other devices).

The strategy proves to be interesting. After all, as the devices are used frequently during the day, the chances of your target audience accessing your site through a mobile device are high.

Smartphones are increasingly present in people's lives, and this is nothing new. For this reason, your site's design must be ready to receive this public that, according to IBGE data, reaches 138 million people in Brazil (more than 66% of the national population).

Thus, today's communication vehicles need to be ready for a fluid user experience.

Does the loading speed of the site influence?

Although the idea may seem unrelated to design, some factors can end up influencing the performance of a site.

A poorly optimized theme or the use of images and other heavy files to compose the design can compromise the loading speed of the site. Consequently, this hampers the user experience and the user will look elsewhere for the information they need.

How Does Design Affect User Experience?

When we are interested in developing a site, it is common to believe that the more items, options and images available, the more the site will attract people's attention.

The problem is that a large number of options can make the experience confusing for the user, making it difficult for him to find what he wants, increasing the chances that he will leave the page.

Another detail that you should pay attention to is the colors. An excessive combination of contrasting colors or the use of only monochromatic tones can alienate your audience.

For this reason, you should look for colors that match each other. When using images, make sure the size is ideal (not too small and not too big).

Design has as its main objective to conquer and attract people. To be successful, the site must have harmony, both in terms of colors and in the arrangement of items. As we said, the lack or exaggeration of options and colors can confuse the user, increasing his disinterest.

On the other hand, a site strategically designed to facilitate and optimize the user experience can be the starting point for building customer loyalty.

Therefore, the good use of website design aligned to the user experience can bring great benefits to your audience. Want to learn more about this topic? Read now about "User experience: how to improve satisfaction!".

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