Esquenta EXPO - Série de webinars para preparar você para o Digitalks 2019

Esquenta EXPO - Webinar series to prepare you for Digitalks 2019

Since 2009, Digitalks has held events all over Brazil, bringing knowledge and business opportunity in its more than 50 annual activities.

This year, Digitalks will feature "Esquenta EXPO" a series of webinars to prepare you for the current market. There will be five days of online content and relevant guests in their areas of expertise.

Check out the schedule:

  • 01/07 at 15:00 - What do you have F.O.M.O. of?
  • 07/02 to 11:00 - Magento Cases of Digital Transformation in Retail
  • 07/02 at 15:00 - Marketing Agencies are becoming Factories of Startups (with the participation of our CEO Fellipe Guimarães)
  • 03/07 at 11:00 AM - Unique stories: Content to stand out professionally on Linkedin
  • 03/07 at 15:00 - Creative Life
  • 04/07 to 11:00 - Business and Digital Transformation in Retail
  • 04/07 to 15:00 - Brand Experience
  • 05/07 to 11:00 - Education for the Future of Work in the Digital Era
  • 05/07 at 15:00 - Navigating for Smart Cities

There will be two webinars per day with chats in various areas of technology. Our CEO, Fellipe Guimarães will be present talking about startups, and the innovation capacity of these companies that bring innovative solutions to the market.

If you like to learn from professionals, this webinar series is a must for your week, don't miss it!

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