Aplique a estratégia Visual Merchandising em seu negócio online e tenha resultados nas venda

Apply the Visual Merchandising strategy in your online business and get sales results

Nowadays, it is common to see stores that use visual merchandising as a way to draw the customer's attention and create harmony of products and environment. However, this practice is not so common when it comes to online stores. Few online businesses know that this type of strategy can help to boost sales and maintain high purchase rates per customer.

In this article, we will address how visual merchandising, when used correctly can be a great option for your business.

First of all, it is important to understand what visual merchandising is

In a superficial way, it is all about the way of displaying and arranging products, making the presentation efficient to increase sales. In addition, Visual Merchandising is directly linked to the customer's experience since it thinks about making a positive impact.

In physical stores, it is common to see this type of strategy being worked on in several points of the store. Good lighting, product layout, categories and composition, harmful showcases that tell a story, hot spots receiving due attention. The sum of these elements contributes to the customer feeling at ease to buy, spending more time in the store and consequently understanding more. Overall, this inviting and pleasant aspect for customers includes about 40% more.

How to apply this strategy in your online business

If on the one hand physical stores exploit this strategy, on the other hand online brands still do not make use of visual merchandising. As with any business, you hope that sales are as good and that your business is an option that the customer will perform when they have a need to purchase.

In physical stores or visual merchandising is at various points, starting with the store front, window displays, internal environment, lighting, sessions, products. In an online store, follow the same logic, a good ad in the search sites, your facade, your catalog would be your store window, or the layout of the site would be your internal environment, a quality of the photos and isolated background nuclei your illumination and your product categories used in these sessions.

Visualizing this way is much more practical to apply this strategy in your online store, making the communication with your user more objective, improving the conversion of your site and causing your sales to be more concise.

Applying Visual Merchandising online

About 80% of first impressions, are created from sight, so the look of your site will count a lot for success in this statistic, see what is needed to follow:

-A good ad on search engines: Your site needs to be seen, and good positioning on search engines is key to getting more users to see your link and click. Therefore, invest in SEO and use the keywords that have your segment, if you find it necessary to use sponsored links to improve your position.

A catchy title with a concise description makes a lot of difference when the user is making a decision to click.

-Layout: Quick question, do you understand a cell phone in a poorly lit store, with dirty windows or disorganized environment? Wouldn't you agree that this environment does not convey any credibility? Just like the physical store, your online store needs to be presentable when your customer accesses it. So choose a designer that matches your brand, cores that excite the customer, and a structure that is easy to navigate.

Prioritize the offer of an intuitive access to the user with a simple menu, propose agility and harmony in the visual of your site, don't let the user be left without knowing what to do there, the way or the path that he needs to do.

-Showcase: The arrangement of the products on your site will make all the difference when the user is making his choices. Choosing to display the products in a way that maintains a sentence logic and that contemplates a story generates more variables such as an increase in the average ticket with the quantity of items being purchased.

Let's take an example? Imagine you are looking for a new bikini for your vacation at the seaside, but you don't know yet that you also need a bathing suit that matches, and so you will know 3 pages later that you found the bikini you were looking for. As chances are you won't find that swimsuit and will close a bikini only purchase.

Now have you ever thought of leaving the bath alone on the same page, continuing a logical and relevant sequence to look at.

This kind of action, improves considerably the product responses and asks for agility and time saving from the user.

-Photo quality: Dark photos, without focus or with blurred lighting do not attract attention and still give the impression of amateurism. Invest in quality photos, with good lighting, opt for more neutral backgrounds or backgrounds that have access to the product and experience being offered.

If you work with collections, invest in scenarios that have a product, communicating emotionally with the client is also important and through photos it is possible to pass sensations to the user and instigate him.

-Invest in organization: Organization is always an ally when the subject is business, keep the categories well divided and facilitates the customer's navigation on the site, shows with that he spends less time looking or searching and searching more time between products that interest.

-HOT POINTS: In physical stores it is common to use hot spots to promote an impulse purchase. On websites it is also possible with some features to get the customer to make impulse decisions about products in the same segment or to make a purchase.

Puggins, like "also included" on Amazon or "See also", American shows that do not appear in the final purchase, are a great way to make the user keep buying.

See some examples of sites that use visual merchandising as an online strategy:

Within Code, we have already implemented in several stores this strategy, either in the layout or in their showcases, and this generates variables, such as increase in average ticket with the amount of items being included.

With the possibility of buying similar pieces as an example at Cia Marítima, bikinis with top and bottom parts, appearing in the sequence allow the possibility of buying any of the 4 models that can be conversed.

You improve the communication with your user, and more concise form, improving the conversion of your site.

Another way to apply Visual Merchandising online is a tool that allows you to display the price with full appearance. Many women like to look on models and mannequins and wear or look complete. However, the work she must look for reduces the chance of purchase.

With ShopLook, it is possible to show how pieces that make up the look and the price, creating a more relevant and relevant user experience.

Learn more about the tool by visiting www.shoplook.com.br

Advantages of using visual merchandising as a strategy in your online business

  • Positive impact on the consumer's mind.
  • Possibility of increasing the average ticket.
  • Better relationship with the customer.
  • Communication in a more objective and sensorial way.
  • Strategic positioning.
  • More organized and harmonious visual

Now that you already know the wonders that visual merchandising can do in your site, how about coding to help? Contact us and let us help you achieve even greater success.

Visit www.codeby.com.br and get to know more tools that can help.

Do you have any questions? See you in the comments.

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