Por que evoluir seu e-commerce para VTEX IO?

Why evolve your e-commerce to VTEX IO?

Adhering to application technology, VTEX IO offers a sea of possibilities for business, the advantages range from cost reduction, process automation, to performance and payment systems for a company.

In this e-book, we will talk about the main features and usabilities of VTEX IO, and what are the advantages of its implementation to promote the evolution of your e-commerce, adding more results to your operation. You will find topics on

  • The rise of e-commerce;
  • Getting to know VTEX IO;
  • What facilities does VTEX IO offer?
  • What advantages VTEX IO can offer for your omnichannel;
  • How VTEX inserts Composable Commerce into its technology;
  • What are the differences between VTEX cms and VTEX IO.

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