4 Formas de expandir seus canais de venda online

4 Ways to expand your online sales channels

Achieving a good sales volume is the goal of any company in the retail environment, and for this to happen, the company needs to invest in ways to reach the consumer. Having good sales channels facilitates the connection with the public and directly impacts the results of your business.

To create this connection it is necessary to find the ideal sales channels, through research with your brand's target audience, your team can build an assertive and successful strategy both online and offline.

But how to choose the right channels to expand your business? In this article we will talk about 4 ways to expand your online sales channels.

The online sales channels

We already know that online transactions are a trend that is increasingly accepted by the public, as is channel integration. In the last year, because of the pandemic, we have noticed that being online has become a necessity for many retailers who had their businesses closed for a long period of time, needing to adapt their business models, and many consumers have joined online commerce as a frequent purchase channel.

Check out some options of online channels to integrate your operation.


E-commerce is nothing more than your store on the internet, a site where you can sell your products to people all over the country (or the world). It is a very efficient channel for those who want to be relevant online, because it creates a connection with the customer through the experience with the brand, the site, and the service.

During the year 2020, the increase in online sales reached 137.35% in the first half compared to the previous year's data. Which confirms how indispensable this channel is for your business.

The advantages of this sales channel are:

  • Brand customization: With your own website for your online store, you have a customized URL for your brand and you can still choose how your store will look, use colors that match your proposal, arrange products through categories and segmentations.
  • Gain online relevance: Through content strategies, promotions and a good SEO on the pages of your store, it is possible to rank in attractive positions in search engines. So if you are thinking of joining this sales channel, plan your growth strategies.

It is worth remembering that an e-commerce requires constant maintenance and monitoring, so prefer to rely on a technical team or outsourced agencies that can support and evolve your e-commerce on a daily basis.


The marketplace is a sales modality that is very popular among small and medium retailers. They work as an online shopping mall, where products from various suppliers and brands are brought together, creating a bridge between company and consumer. Some examples of marketplaces are Magazine Luíza, Americanas, Submarino, Amazon, and many others.

It is worth mentioning that you may or may not have an e-commerce to start your sales in the marketplace. If you already have an e-commerce, you can count on the help of platforms that integrate with various marketplaces in the market, improving the management of sales made in this channel and providing you with interesting data about the segment you operate in.

The advantages of this sales channel are:

  • Brand visibility: The attraction of new audiences is frequent in this channel, because your products are displayed in the window of stores already consolidated in the market.
  • Low initial investment: Because you do not need to worry about the infrastructure to start selling as in e-commerce, marketplaces are cheaper options despite the bureaucracy and fees for sales made on the channel. Pay attention to these details.

It is important to mention that the work of the marketplace is only to exhibit products, making an intermediary between those who sell and those who buy. Therefore, be sure to invest in strategies that help you rank within the marketplaces to gain visibility.

Social networks

Being on social networks is impressive for any brand that wants to create more intimate and relaxed ties with its customer. Not so long ago these sites that used to be used for socializing have been evolving into interesting environments for sales, after all, the advantages are many:

  • Business exposure;
  • More practical communication with the client;
  • Marketing actions to generate engagement;
  • Exclusive environments for sellers and buyers.

More than just advertising, social networks are great sales channels. Many businesses started their operations in profiles on Instagram, Facebook marketplace or even whatsapp.

Currently, Whatsapp is gaining visibility, because it generates agile contact and leads the consumer to conversion much faster. There are already tools that increase the customer experience with the brand in sales through WhatsApp, creating a shareable showcase to generate more engagement with the consumer.

Affiliate Programs

Finally, an interesting sales channel for those who want to extend their reach even further, turning people into real online sales people and ambassadors of your brand.

Affiliates are people who distribute sales links for your company's products in exchange for a commission. It works as advertising for your brand, bringing opportunity to a wide audience in a much more objective and convincing way.

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