Expectativas para o Dia dos Namorados 2022

Expectations for Valentine's Day 2022: how to prepare your e-commerce for the date

Every year, retailers must keep in mind the commercial calendar composed of seasonal dates that move the retail industry worldwide.

Whatever the strategy adopted by a brand, seasonal dates are extremely important, and if your brand is looking for a date with greater commercial appeal beyond Christmas and Mother's Day, for sure it is Valentine's Day.

E-commerces' expectations for Valentine's Day 2022 are high. It is expected that virtual retail sales will exceed a total of R$6.5 billion, a result achieved in 2021, according to data from Neotrust. This is because, with the scenario heading towards a possible normalization, the forecast is that the most romantic date in the commercial calendar will continue to grow in digital, bringing high revenues for online stores.

Based on the data and lessons learned on Valentine's Day 2021, Codeby has just released an unprecedented e-book with the main trends, predictions about consumer behavior and expectations for Valentine's Day 2022.

What you will find in this content

  • How was Valentine's Day 2021
  • Featured Sectors;
  • Consumer profile and behavior;
  • Expectations for Valentine's Day 2022
  • New consumer behaviors
  • Technology in e-commerce and user experience;
  • How to prepare your e-commerce for Valentine's Day.

Download the e-book now by clicking here!

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