FastStore: conheça a nova ferramenta de e-commerce da VTEX

FastStore: meet the new e-commerce tool from VTEX

With the increase of e-commerce, which will represent about 11% of all retail trade in Brazil in 2021 - according to a survey by Brazilian Chamber of Digital Economy -, more and more companies that seek to stand out in the market are opening their e-businesses to meet this growing demand and expand their revenues.

After all, despite the flexibilization of face-to-face activities, e-commerce is firmly established in the preference of consumers, who have found greater convenience in this alternative, not only within the pandemic distance scenario, but also in their daily lives.

In other words, e-commerce has become a vital strategy. But being present in the digital environment is not the only challenge retailers face. Time has also become a decisive factor in seizing business opportunities.

A VTEX, recognized as a leading company in the e-commerce industry, thought of a tool that could bring online stores up faster and in a simple way: the FastStore.

More than facilitating the developer's work, FastStore also benefits retailers, who will have their stores up and running in less time and with high efficiency.

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What is FastStore all about?

O que é FastStore VTEX

In a nutshell, the FastStore is a collection of open source library created by VTEX for broad and unique e-commerce solutions.

In other words, it is a fullstack toolkit - that acts on multiple parts of the project - to build high-performance stores quickly and efficiently.

Supporting headless e-commerce platforms and significant analytical capabilities, it also enables developers to have greater freedom of customization.

What packages are included with FastStore?

Quais são os pacotes incluídos no FastStore VTEX

FastStore is designed to be a flexible and intuitive tool, so as not to restrict developers to any mandatory framework. In view of this, VTEX has divided FastStore into UI, SDK and API packages, which we will talk more about below.

1 - UI Package

The user interface (UI) package consists of a CSS framework-agnosticCSS framework, which sets the behavior of React components on data attributes.

2 - SDK Package

The SDK package, on the other hand, is composed of an extensible state management librarywhich handles all significant states that an e-commerce store might have.

For example:

  • Session: Authentication data, region, location and currency;
  • Cart: adding, removing, updating, and current state of a store cart;
  • UI: state of a store's components (such as display/hide mini cart);
  • Search: the state of faceted search (how to apply filters and sort).

In addition, the VTEX SDKs also provide analysis functions compatible with GA4 (Google Analytics 4), to help developers create advanced e-commerce analytics capabilities and, consequently, make informed decisions.

3 - API Package

And lastly, the API package allows developers to connect to their favorite ecommerce provider, creating interfaces to query products, collections, and manipulate carts.

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But how does FastStore benefit retailers?

Mas como o FastStore VTEX beneficia os varejistas

Since the goal of FastStore is to get the site online faster, retailers can start their e-commerce in no time and have a quick go-live with all the structure, plus the features they need to sell online and suitable for their business niche.

Through the launch of FastStore, VTEX seeks to maintain its current pillars to offer better solutions to its customers, with projects that have agile delivery and quality.

Focusing on the following elements:

  • Performance: UX with great scores on Lighthouse and Web Vitals;
  • Stability: e-commerce does not lose sales due to problems with the provider;
  • Analytics/SEO: visits to the store generate higher reach of organic traffic.

Therefore, as stated above, FastStore is a tool that will bring speed to the processes of building e-commerce projects, favoring both developers and retailers.

To stay informed about the launch of FastStore, follow our blog and social networks.

And if you are looking to evolve and sell more in your e-commerce, you can count on the Codeby team! We are a company specialized in technology, focused on performance and usability, to improve the efficiency of your online commerce.

Talk to our experts.

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