Conheça a Nova Ferramenta de E-commerce Shopify Hydrogen

Meet the New Shopify Hydrogen E-commerce Tool

With the global events of the last two years, the consumer experience has developed much faster than expected. Brand interactions and shopping experiences have taken extremely different directions than they used to.

By 2022, 50% of global consumers say that the pandemic has made them reevaluate their purposes about what is really important, going back to different aspects of how we lived, worked and shopped just 2 years ago.

In a highly competitive marketplace, personalized personalized service has become synonymous with customer loyalty.

With the digital transformationtransformation, many retailers have found themselves needing to opt for digital channels.

In other words, e-commerce has become a vital strategy.. But being present in the digital environment is not the only challenge facing retailers. Time has also become a decisive factor in seizing business opportunities.

A Shopifyrecognized for its easy-to-use e-commerce solutions, thought of a tool that could bring online stores up faster and in a simple way: Hydrogen.

Hydrogen: Meet the new e-commerce solution created by Shopify

Shopify Hydrogen is a React-based framework developed by and for Shopify to create high-performance storefronts within the headless model.

The solution includes all the necessary framework to develop a store with agility, such as integrated components, starter templates, and even hooks and utilities that connect directly to Shopify APIs.

It is worth mentioning that Shopify Hydrogen is one of the first frameworks built on React 18.

After the store has been developed, you can deploy OxygenShopify's hosting solution that provides globally distributed hosting for storefronts around the world, and has satisfactory uptime, security, and maintenance.

Hydrogen aims to provide more flexibility and time to create and customize a Shopify store with no limitations on its front-end or external software integrations, without compromising Shopify's back-end functions. In this way, a Shopify store can achieve a headless, uncomplicated approach to its integrations.

Interestingly, Hydrogem is a fully opinionated recommended approach from Shopify as it comes with standards like Tailwind CSS and support for TypeScript to offer a fast user experience, better features for shopkeepers and better developer experience. The solution promises to encompass commerce, UX and coding.

Talking about how Shopify Hydrogen works, the technology mitigates the challenge for developers regarding being stuck with applications of various technologies to have an interesting shopping experience and high site performance.

A store performance optimization is due to server-side rendering streaming with suspend and cache policies, makes unlocking the first renderings fast and progressive.

Hydrogen allows you to create Hydrogen allows you to create more dynamic experiences without sacrificing site speed. In other words, the solution comprises a fast-start environment with trade-specific components and ready-to-use development tools, such as:

  • Hydrogen Framework: Provides a Vite Plug-in that offers server-side rendering (SSR), hydration middleware and client component code transformations.
  • Hydrogen UI Components: Includes components, hooks and utilities that support features and concepts that already exist in Shopify. They are affordable and ready-to-use and can help reduce the initial complexity of building a custom storefront.

Brands such as Allbirds e Kamp Grizzly have already been using Shopify Hydrogen in their operations, enjoying benefits such as easy content management, scalability of operations, and site experience.

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