Fotos de produtos: como aumentar o potencial de vendas no e-commerce?

Product photos: how to increase the sales potential in e-commerce?

One of the main challenges encountered in e-commerce is being able to impress customers with your products. In a physical store, consumers can touch, feel, analyze, and try on items. In an e-commerce store, the only alternative is product photos. They are responsible for conveying all impressions and details of the items.

Are you interested in this subject? Then read on and see how to increase your e-commerce sales potential with product photos!

Understand the importance of a good photo

The quality and specifications of a product are the main aspects we evaluate before making a purchase. However, in e-stores this kind of experience is not possible.

The only way to get relevant information about the product is through the images. Therefore, we can say that they are essential to the success of a business.

We cannot fail to emphasize that online purchases are becoming increasingly common, mainly because of the convenience of buying an item without leaving home. But how can you buy something you haven't seen? That's why product photos are essential elements for your online store. Think about it!

Take the perfect picture

It is not enough to just post a picture on the page. The quality of the images and their level of detail are points very much analyzed by consumers, being decisive in shopping cart abandonment. That's why we've separated some tips here for you to knock it out of the park with your pictures!

Clean the product

Before you start taking pictures of products, you need to make sure that they are clean. Remember: pictures reveal much more than just the description of the item; they also express your concern for important details.

Ensure good lighting

One of the main aspects that should be evaluated for product photos is lighting. It is interesting that quality photography depends directly on light.

Obviously, you do not need to hire renowned photographers or rely on large studios to capture images. Some simple practices can already be useful, such as not using direct camera flash, as it can generate shadows that will hinder the presentation of the product.

Be careful with shadows

Shadows can be used in many ways, increasing the quality of your photos. However, if used incorrectly, they can be detrimental to your online store. One term used by experts is "hard shadow", which is the strong dark mark that appears behind the product, giving the impression of poor quality.

Obviously, there are specific techniques for applying photos, favoring the best aspects of the products. In any case, the best choice is to make the light as natural as possible, even if you have to use artificial sources.

Use an infinite background

The infinite background is a widely used technique in photography. It aims to draw people's attention to the main object, preventing them from being distracted. The colors used range from white to black.

For the e-commerce sector, white is the most widely used background color, as it can be reproduced using cardboard and other simpler materials.

Explore different angles

Taking several pictures of your products is also quite a differentiator. You need to show the item you are selling from all angles. This is the only way to ensure that customers can choose exactly what they are looking for.

So don't skimp on the photos. Take top, side, bottom, angled, tilted, and so on. Try to explore different angles in order to offer a different experience to your customers.

Product photos are fundamental to the success of an e-commerce. However, you should not only pay attention to the images. The description of the items is also essential to increase the conversion rate on the site, since this section contains the main characteristics of the product. And remember to consider all the relevant information for your customers.

So, did you like to know how product photos help sales? How about learning about another strategy that can boost your online store? Learn more about how content marketing can add value to your e-commerce! Don't miss out!

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