Case Funcionalidade: Regionalization App para Extrafarma

Feature Case: Regionalization App for Extrafarma

Using the consumer's geographic location is a widely used action in e-commerce, because it promotes greater proximity to the customer, besides achieving more prominence in commerce and improving the user experience at the time of purchase.

The term for this practice is geolocation, and it can identify the location of an electronic device and forward this data to the store, if the user allows it. With this, it becomes easy for the consumer to find exclusive conditions for his or her location, and for the retailer to create targeted and segmented campaigns.

It was based on this action that we developed a new VTEX IO App for Extrafarma's store, which allows the user to add information about his location and have access to shipping conditions, delivery or pick up at sales points near his location. Get to know the Regionalization App, developed using the VTEX IO platform.

About the need met by the functionality

Extrafarma is one of the six largest pharmacy chains in Brazil. The chain started its e-commerce in 2020 through a project developed in only 15 days. Now the brand is in the evolution and customization phase of the project through functionalities that meet the needs of its business model.

The Regionalization App is used to show the products with conditions offered according to the customer's location. In addition, it is possible to show if a product is available in that region or available for pickup at the store, among other facilities for the customer.

How does the Regionalization App work?

Throughout the store environment, it is possible to see a pop-up on the top of the page, so that the customer can choose to insert his or her location and regionalize his or her experience inside the store.

The user can use it in two ways, the first would be to add their location to have access to stores near their location. Or you can simply enter your location and have access to the products and values referring to your region.

For the App to work, it was necessary to integrate 2 external APIs for geolocation by IP and address search by zip code, with the VTEX session functionality. This way we were able to regionalize the user experience.

What are the results obtained with the functionality?

With the use of the App, the Extrafarma is starting its omnichannel operation and scaling the brand's performance in the online and offline market. Now product information can be displayed according to regional rules, dynamically showing the customer the option to enter his or her location.

The site conversion should increase considerably with this new function, reaching new users and offering more complete experiences.

So, did you like to know more about this super efficient functionality for those who want to use geolocation in their sales strategy? Know that here at Codeby we develop several applications for e-commerce. You can find some of them in our Plugins store and if you want to know how we can help you develop your custom functionality, contact our consultants.

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