Guia de tendências para o e-commerce 2022

Guide to e-commerce trends 2022

What will be the future of e-commerce after the retail transformations in recent years?

In the last few years we have seen e-commerce undergo major changes, especially in terms of technology, bringing out new trends and an increasingly competitive environment.

The recent pandemic has accelerated the growth of the channel in the last two years, bringing positive and negative effects for all retail companies. In the meantime, consumers have completely changed their buying habits and behaviors, forcing companies to invest even more in transforming their digital channels.

If in 2020 the focus of companies was digital transformation, in 2021 the main challenge that moved changes and trends was the shipping crisis and increase in supplier prices, which contributed to companies improving their logistics processes and focus on loyalty and optimization of the user experience.

What we cannot deny is that the e-commerce market is on the rise, the adaptations of new technologies, great customization, evolution of policies, and intelligent integration with advanced solutions are leading the sector to a scenario of constant change and evolution for the coming year.

In this material you will find e-commerce trends for 2022 that will reflect the ever-changing landscape of the e-commerce industry, not only in 2022, but for years to come.

Learn about upcoming e-commerce trends.

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