Saiba como storytelling pode ajudar a vender mais no e-commerce

Learn how storytelling can help sell more in e-commerce

Many brands adopt storytelling in traditional marketing and have great benefits. It so happens that e-commerce can also employ it in its digital marketing strategy, obtaining expressive results.

Besides the advantages, it is important to know the concept well and its specificities for the digital environment. Thus, it is possible to create an interesting approach to storytelling in e-commerce. In today's post, we will bring you more information on the topic. Enjoy your reading!

What is Storytelling?

In a free translation from English, the term means "to tell a story". The intention is to involve and strengthen the relationship with the public through a story with characters and a well-developed narrative.

Based on the premise that the brain is better at retaining stories than data, the method allows you to promote your business without direct sales. It is an alternative to conventional ads, capable of arousing the public's interest not by the offer itself, but by the ambiance created by the brand.

There are basically two practical ways of applying storytelling. The first has an operational character, telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end, in different channels and media, such as in a blogspot, video, image, among others.

The second has a more strategic character, with the creation of a narrative before publishing a content. The idea is to produce content that precedes a campaign, putting the client in the condition of a hero who sees a challenge ahead. Having to overcome it generates conflict, "won" when he completes an action.

How to use Storytelling in E-Commerce?

Storytelling has a strong emotional appeal to visitors to your site, blog, social network profiles, and other media. E-commerce can create content both to launch new products and to build customer loyalty. For this, it is important to understand the niche.

From there it is possible to create an efficient narrative that needs to meet some requirements, such as:

● bring visual elements;

● use real dialogues;

● have a character that is identified with the persona;

● arouse feelings and emotions;

● have a conflict to be resolved by the end of the narrative.

A classic example of this type of campaign is Volkswagen, with an institutional video to mark the end of the Kombi production in the country. The piece brings the history of the vehicle narrated by itself, as well as by people who had some connection to it.

Although the video is widely used, it is possible to apply the concept in any media. Moen, currently the largest manufacturer of faucets and also the largest e-commerce of the segment in North America, created a campaign on Instagram Stories that generated 45% more impressions. In 2017, the brand posted images that harkened back to its early history and the evolution over its more than 60 years

What Are the Benefits of Aggregating Storytelling into a Digital Marketing Strategy?

We can list the following benefits for e-commerce. See them below.

1. The brand shows its personality

Storytelling shows the brand's identity from something different and that reflects its positioning. Demonstrating this personality creates a good reputation, optimizes the view that potential consumers have, and makes the customer remember you.

2. Strengthens the relationship

A good narrative is the best way to reach the hearts of customers. The more "human" the positioning, the greater the closeness. The public begins to trust the company and its solutions more. Hence the importance of telling something based on facts capable of evoking emotions and feelings.

3. Stimulates the public's interest

When the company creates quality content, the public identifies with it and expects continuity. E-commerce begins to offer something beyond the best known marketing approaches (traditional or digital).

Why Invest in Storytelling?

If your competitor doesn't do storytelling in e-commerce and you do, your brand is ahead, showing itself to be more innovative. This adds value to the brand &mdash something as important as offering a good price or attractive sales conditions. In addition, it is a way to offer exclusivity to your customers, which contributes to improve and intensify their experience with the online store.

Did you enjoy this article? Enjoy and learn how to use remarketing to optimize your e-commerce sales.

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