Como melhorar a experiência de compra no varejo online

How to improve the shopping experience in online retail

Nowadays it is not enough to have a good product or service for a person to choose your brand, because the consumer knows that there are several options available in the market. Therefore, he seeks the differentials, which are not necessarily related to the product offer, but in the shopping experience.

This path that the buyer takes until making the final decision to purchase the product is essential for the purchase to be effective. Incomplete or confusing shopping journeys end up causing huge rates of cart abandonment and low conversions in your e-commerce.

If your brand is experiencing unsatisfactory results, you may need to improve the shopping experience on your website so that more sales flow and your results grow.

In this article, we will highlight 4 important points about the e-commerce buying journey, so you can sell more.

Understand the sales funnel

Understanding the sales funnel of an e-commerce is essential to identify each of the important phases that consumers fit into, in order to guide strategies to engage the consumer and guide them to the other stages of the journey.

We can separate the purchase funnel into 4 stages: Learning where the consumer is not yet sure what he needs; Recognition, where you already have a sense of need, but are not sure about the solution; the consideration stage, where the person already knows what he wants, but is in doubt about the options he has; and finally the decision stage which is where the sale usually takes place. effective.

Of course, there are cases where a customer does not go through all the stages of the sales funnel, so the ideal is that your e-commerce has strategies focused on each of these fazes to meet the interests of the consumer at that time.

How is your website's buying journey

Is your website offering a buying journey intuitive for your customer? One way to understand this is to conduct user testing. What the customer needs may often not have been considered in the logic of the interface created, so the project needs to go through a series of changes and adaptations that will require more time from the design and development team.

It may seem unimportant, but these optimization points can increase your conversion rate by finding flaws in the purchase process and even decrease the cart abandonment rate, when analyzing the checkout steps, for example.

Use tools to test website usability

To better understand where your audience fits, start evaluating your user from a strategic point of view. Get to know him, understand and use tools that constantly collect statistical data from your store. Some examples are:

Google Analytics - It is one of the main tools to study your website. With it, you have access to all the statistical data you need to understand your audience, what they are interested in, average browsing time, the most visited pages or the ones with the highest number of exits, among other information.

Hotjar - It is a mara de calos tool that evaluates how the user interacts with your website, being a perfect complement to the data collected by Google Analytics. Hotjar evaluates the most clicked places on a page, the movement of the mouse cursor or how far the user reaches on your page before finishing the navigation. You can get an insight into the hottest areas, content positioning and many other relevant insights.

Hire a Design and UX expert

Many companies choose to hire professionals or companies specialized in Design and UX, because these professionals carry out in-depth studies, know the standards and have many insights for a website.

Here at Codeby, we have a complete team with high expertise in UX and UI, building websites that value high visual experience, usability and well-structured shopping journeys. This way, our client can get better results from their project.

These are 4 relevant points for you to start improving the retail shopping experience. If you liked our tips and want to know more about our UX/ UI Design serviceservice, get in contact our consultants and get to know the conditions.

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