Vendas por WhatsApp Como o aplicativo de mensagens pode aumentar as vendas do seu negócio

WhatsApp sales: How the messaging app can boost your business sales

Gaining more and more space among traders, WhatsApp has become an interesting sales channel for companies, about 80% of them are already on the messaging platform and many others are already thinking about using the app to increase their sales.

In today's article we will talk about how WhatsApp can increase your business sales and what you can do to start using it efficiently.

Relationship between consumers and brands on WhatsApp

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has become an indispensable tool for relating to the consumer. Whether as an instant service channel or direct sales, the messaging app is an opportunity not only for companies, but for consumers looking for more contact with their favorite brands.

A survey conducted by eCGlobal points out that consumers are interested in interactions with companies through WhatsApp. According to research, about 64% would like to receive offers and promotions through the app, another 45% would like to have exclusive content sent by company profiles. Only 16% say they would not like to receive any content from brands.

With this, we can visualize the potential of WhatsApp as a relationship tool between brands and consumers, since people are interested in receiving content and offers from brands if they were exclusive or unmissable.

How to sell through WhatsApp?

Now that you know what public acceptance is like, it's time to think about your WhatsApp sales strategy and here are some tips to help you increase your sales through this channel.

  • Escape the groups, use broadcast lists: With these lists, you can send a message to up to 256 different contacts. The advantage is that the interaction is more personal than those made in groups.
  • Know how to offer relevant content to your customers: It is necessary to generate interest in your audience. Know what your persona likes to receive, be it audio, video, promotions, or even a summary of your latest blog posts. Therefore, always ask for feedback, to understand what you can improve in the content.
  • Give your company number to your customers: It is not necessary to break your head to get contacts on WhatsApp. Disclose your company number to your customers, this way they feel more confident to interact with your business and considerably reduce blocking and dissatisfaction rates.
  • Use WhatsApp as a service channel: Many customers prefer to send messages through the app rather than waiting to be answered on the phone. Take advantage of this feature to offer a faster and more practical service.
  • Organize your customers: Rename your contacts according to the relationship stage. This makes it easier to return contact or even group customers who generate sales more frequently.
  • Create a sales funnel on WhatsApp: Each prospect is at a different stage of the sales funnel, so it doesn't make sense to send the same message to all of them. Set up a funnel with customers who are in the first contact with you, customers who are interested in making purchases and those who have already made purchases and have a high chance of starting a new purchase. After separating the interests of your customers, set up a schedule of messages that will help you relate to your customer at each of these times.
  • Create a sales campaign on WhatsApp: Messages with persuasive language are more likely to be passed on and generate more sales volume. Therefore, invest in WhatsApp campaigns, use mental triggers of urgency or scarcity to encourage decision making.
  • Train your sales team through WhatsApp: Invest in training your team, it is possible to serve customers, answer questions and generate sales through the messaging app. Ensuring that your team is prepared is essential so that complaints and misunderstandings are minimal.

Ready to sell through Whatsapp?

After reading this article, I hope you are prepared to win and engage with customers through WhatsApp. We have prepared one last tip to help you sell efficiently through WhatsApp. Get to know the app we developed for sales on Whatsapp: ShopBy.

The application is aimed at the needs of franchises and physical stores that need to increase their sales, using a direct channel with their customers and increasing the reach of their brand through a sharing network that has the principle of word of mouth marketing. In this application, companies can:

  • Create a showcase with the store's products and share through a link;
  • Register the stock and update it whenever a purchase is made;
  • Register franchise stores and use separate stocks;
  • Manage orders placed by WhatsApp in all franchise stores;
  • Analyze the behavior of the public of each store and develop more effective sales strategies;
  • Simplified purchase process, since the customer places the order directly in the showcase;
  • Possibility of sharing the showcase with millions of people.

These are some advantages of our application, if you want to know more about ShopBy, ask our team for a demonstration, we will be happy to help you sell via WhatsApp.

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