Como vender de forma eficiente pelo Whatsapp?

How to sell efficiently through Whatsapp?

Many businesses are adopting WhatsApp as a sales channel, for the proximity and convenience that the messaging application has after all, there are few people (especially in Brazil) who are not yet on the network. In a blog post, the company announced the milestone of 2 billion users worldwide in February 2020.

Recently the company announced efficient tools for businesses to make sales through the application, such as Whatsapp Business for small businesses or the Business API aimed at medium and large companies, gaining space in the engagement strategies of many brands in the market.

In today's article, we'll talk about ways to sell efficiently through this promising sales channel for any type of business.

Engage your audience

You must already know that we are in the age of convenience, the customer wants the solution to his problem to be just a few clicks and seconds away from his reach, not taking this into account opens margins for him to opt for the competition.

Whatsapp makes it possible to give quick answers to customers who contact your company, and also to save and reuse frequently sent messages to answer common questions in a faster way.

It is possible to build loyalty, prospect, and serve customers using the messaging application. As we can see, besides the benefits in customer service, whatsapp also works as an engagement channel with your customer and other people, through an infinite sharing network. Imagine how many people your customer can share your store link with, and imagine how many of these people will share it with others? An infinite reach, isn't it?

Therefore, engaging a qualified public becomes easier through the application, the reach and confidence in the information is greater, since it is received by acquaintances or people who have already had contact with your brand. It is the good old word-of-mouth marketing in today's context.

Payments integrated into the application

After the application update, made on June 06, the application now allows users to send and receive money, using registered cards, and also allows accounts that use Whatsapp Business to receive payments for products and services they offer in the application.

The function arrived first in Brazil and is called Facebook Pay. To start using it just access the attachments menu and click on "payments". After that the application will ask for the amount and redirect to the creation of an account and card verification.

Accounts using Whatsapp Business must have a Cielo account to request and receive unlimited payments, both credit and debit, with a flat rate of 3.99% per transaction.

The initiative was seen with good eyes, since many small businesses and only physical stores saw the application as an opportunity to continue generating revenue in the midst of the crisis and social isolation.

Integrate with online and offline sales channels

If your business has physical stores and online commerce, Whatsapp is a great way to integrate your channels efficiently, since your customers can migrate from your online store to the whatsapp sales of your nearest physical store. Or, send discount coupons that can only be used in your online store and encourage online consumption.

Now, if your business is exclusively made up of offline commerce, Whatsapp is being an interesting alternative. In times like these that we are living, creativity and convenience need to go together so that businesses can continue to serve their customers without harming people's safety. For this reason, using Whatsapp as a service and sales channel for your customers in the region is essential at this time.

Create a commercial number, present this channel as an alternative for your sales team, and develop a prospecting and sales strategy. Don't limit the use of the application only to customer service, send your products, ask questions, and keep your business thriving.

Share your store's stock

Finding ways to professionalize the service by whatsapp and make sales more recurrent may seem like a challenge, but it is not. Today there are tools that allow you to manage sales made on the app as an actual sales channel. Measure results, recurrence of purchases, best-selling products, among other types of metrics that allow your business to adapt its sales strategy according to the behavior of your audience.

Also, the way you share products with your customer may not be efficient. Most businesses that share products through whatsapp, share through links where the customer only has access to one product from the catalog. If there is no satisfaction with that product, the customer can request another one or just give up the purchase.

Another not very efficient way of sharing products through the application is through attached catalogs, usually in PDF. The customer has access to all the types of products your company works with, but not the variety of each product, plus if you choose to order, the customer will send messages that may get lost in a long conversation.

The efficient way to share products through whatsapp is through catalog resources such as ShopBy. Through a link you share all the products available in your store, with photos, size and color information, and even suggestions for similar products.

When choosing to make a purchase, the customer assembles a cart with one or more products and asks the salesperson to receive the completed order on his or her whatsapp number where the service can continue smoothly.

In the case of ShopBy, there are interesting features for companies that have a network of physical stores and want to sell through the app by region, and also for businesses that sell exclusively through WhatsApp and want an efficient way to manage and share their products.

You can request a demo of ShopBy at any time to our team if you are interested.

Did you like today's article? Have you ever thought of using WhatsApp as a sales channel for your business?

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