JCCBR inova seu modelo de negócio e lança seu primeiro shopping center digital

JCCBR innovates its business model and launches its first digital shopping center

Jereissati Centros Comerciais (JCC) is responsible for the development and marketing of Shopping Centers. The company was a pioneer in the state of Ceará and played an important role in the increase of commerce in Fortaleza, especially in the retail market, providing a new growth axis for the local market in the Capital during the last decades.

Among the enterprises managed by the company are Shopping Center Iguatemi Fortaleza; Shopping Bosque dos Ipês, in Campo Grande (MS); and Shopping Bosque Grão-Pará, in Belém (PA). And allied to the investment and conquest of new markets, JCC is investing in its digital space, through the marketplace of its ventures, innovating in the national shopping center market and consolidating a history of achievements.

The scenario for online shopping malls

Shopping centers were severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, especially during the first half of 2020, when physical retail stores had to temporarily shut down their activities.

In this scenario, where the business model of these malls needed to undergo transformations, the opportunity was seen to fully integrate the customer experience adding the digital not only as an urgent adaptation measure, but as an innovation that will certainly be a trend in the coming years.

With this in mind, the JCCBR has been investing in its digital space and in innovation, which led to the project for the implementation of its first e-commerce with marketplace structure, inserting the commercial center's logisticians in an online environment, providing another sales channel for these brands.

The development of the marketplace for JCCBR

JCCBR sought our assistance to develop a complex of online stores, where the company could insert all the shopkeepers from the physical mall and from this, sell the products in the online environment and unifying the sales channels.

The project was developed on the VTEX IO platform, which has solutions for commerce and marketplace. The main reason for choosing this platform was its collaborative commerce structure and integrations with native and customized functionalities, native marketplace and WHO.

During the development process, the biggest challenge was to make the integration with Rich Relevance, a system to manage product recommendations, more configurable, and to develop the store's dront-end keeping the use of VTEX components whenever possible.

Our team also removed the dependency on the VTEX catalog to build the shelves and products on the site, using only the information from the Rich Relevance integration. This integration was added for the search bar, search page, buy together and storefronts.

In addition to Rich Relevance, an integration with Wordpress was also made, and custom components for influencers in the marketplace.

The result is a fully scalable marketplace

The development time was relatively short for the amount of features proposed, resulting in a highly integrated marketplace with scalable structure and the possibility of using new features in VTEX IO.

Now, the storeowners of Iguatemi Fortaleza Shopping Center can use a single environment to make online sales and integrate with their physical stores. JCCBR, through this innovation, has added value to its leases, since its tenants have the benefit of using new channels to make sales.

This business model will also add value to the customer, who will be able to access his favorite stores online, browse through categories of interest and make purchases in a single checkout.

The result you can check it out at https://www.iguatemifortaleza.com.br/

About the VTEX platform

A VTEX is a SaaS platform e-commerce platform that provides fully integrated marketplace, commerce and OMS solutions. It is a platform that allows greater customization and scalability to online businesses, so its technology adjusts to the needs of businesses of all sizes and needs.

Contact our experts and learn about the conditions to make your project a reality.

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