Como o Learning Machine pode ser utilizado no seu negócio

How the Learning Machine can be used in your business

The use of Learning Machine technique is no longer new, many organizations have already experimented with this machine learning to improve user experience and increase the security of their products and services.

Learning machine is a specific branch of AI that trains machine to learn from data. These machines have the ability to learn on their own from large volumes of data through algorithms and big data. These machines identify patterns in data and create intelligent connections, learning and performing tasks without human help.

But, how can you apply this technique in your business? In this article we will present some of the functions that Learning machine can be used within an online businessin a useful way.

Detecting fraud

Many banks and credit card companies were among the first to use machine learning as a tool in their processes. The technology is primarily used to identify transactions that may be fraudulent.

Today many online stores have already adopted this kind of technology to identify when the same person makes more than one user on the site or suspicious payment methods.

Recommendation systems

Very common in stores and marketplace like Amazon or content platforms like Netflix use online recommendation mechanisms learning from previous actions of their customers.

Using data collected from the user himself, machine learning systems are able to predict items that a customer will like, according to his previous purchases and viewing habits.

This is a very interesting way to make the customer experience even more personalized, predicting needs before the customer even knows they have them.

Search Engines

To improve the ability of engines like Google and Microsoft Bing with machine learning, data analysis is done on links that users click on in response to queries to improve their results.

Learning is also used to improve natural language processing and provide more specific answers to the queries made by the user.

Natural Language Processing

Did you know that Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Assistant use machine learning to make it more natural to understand voice requests and questions asked by us. These tools use learning to improve their abilities to recognize, understand and process verbal input.

This advancement is very important, as one of the trends for the next few years is voice searches not only in search engines, but on websites and e-commerce as well.

Customer Service Bots

These automated agents can use natural language processing and customer service data to answer common questions and improve the quality of those answers over time.

IT security

Using machine learning algorithms to identify potential attacks is one of the most advanced IT security solutions. With machine learning it is possible to establish a baseline of "normal" behavior that is used to detect anomalies, allowing threats to be identified in advance.

Anomaly Detection

Just as it is possible to detect anomalies in IT security, with machine learning it is possible to identify anomalies in manufactured products or food items. This is done using patterns and system specifications that have been previously learned.

Demand forecasting

With Learning Machine it is possible to get right quantities of products according to demand using historical data to forecast sales much more accurately.

These are just a few examples of the use of Learning Machine in an online business, but you can already see how it can help in several areas. And if you are curious and would like to learn more about this technique, visit our article "How Machine Learning is making the buying process more personalized and secure".

So, have you started using this technique in your e-commerce?

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