Palestra com Reginaldo França Head de Inovação Codeby

Lecture with Reginaldo França Head of Innovation Codeby

And here comes the VTEX Day 2023 that last year brought together about 190 exhibitors, spread over 43 thousand square meters of the São Paulo Expo, located in Jabaquara - southern part of the city, on the side of the Immigrants Highway.

With a program of 56 simultaneous talks, VTEX Day attracted more than 8 thousand participants. Our team could not stay out of it, and one more year we will follow everything closely, participating in the lectures, to bring the main news and trends concerning the transformation and innovation of retail, entrepreneurship and business.

National and international experts in various areas of technology and business, will bring incredible insights, highlighting issues such as evolving your operations, a future under construction, and stories to enter the history that will present experiences that changed the world, told by some of the greatest leaders of our time.

Web Performance and its importance for success in conversion rates and customer experience.

Our Head of innovation Reginaldo França, Tech Lead Guilherme Fontes and Laricia Mota, Software Engineer at VTEX, will together speak about "Web Performance and its importance for success in conversion rates and customer experience", talking a little about the partnership between VTEX and Codeby.

The talk will be held on the technology stage and will have 30 minutes of presentation, we will have approaches to improve your pagespeed, talk more about A/B testing to track conversions, examples of conversions and understand your technologies.

Codeby's booth at VTEX Day.

Last year, our team built a shopping experience in the Metaverse, where our visitors could learn about Codeby's history and make a purchase in a 100% Digital environment. This year will be no different, we are preparing an equally amazing experience related to the trends of the digital world.

This year Codeby will be positioning itself as a Keyrus Company, presenting more solutions in data, marketing and digital. It will be a unique opportunity to learn more about our solutions and how we can help your company stand out in the marketplace. In addition, our stand will be a space for networking and connecting with other professionals in the area. We will have exclusive giveaways, coffee, beer (which you can't miss) and much more.

We are waiting for you at VTEX Day, to share together the trends and news in the e-commerce market. Don't miss this opportunity to meet the Codeby team and all the solutions we can offer for your company to grow and stand out in the market.

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