O impacto da LGPD na estratégia Omnichannel

The Impact of LGPD on Omnichannel Strategy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil in 2020, Omnichannel strategy has become very popular, bringing new ways of thinking about how to deliver products to the consumer.

Thinking about the consumer experienceis to understand that during all stages of the purchase their motivations are in the name of safety and comfort.

This is because the digital universe universe has become increasingly diverse, offering numerous technological trends that combine complexity according to what the user seeks.

Omnichannel has increasingly stood out for the relationship between online and offlineThe omnichannel concept is about improving the experience of the consumer who is gradually looking for faster, safer, and more convenient shopping options.

The omnichannel concept is a strategy that adopts various means of purchase and service, integrating them to provide the consumer an experience that has no differences between online and offline channels, offering more complete contact with the brand.

Omnichannel strategy to leverage business

This trend is an evolution of the multichannel concept. With omnichannel it is possible to integrate physical and virtual stores and explore the possibilities also in other channels such as mobile applications, social networks, and several others.

It is important to adapt not only in moments of crisis, as it happened in the pandemic. What is correct is to say that it is necessary to innovateand omnichannel is all about strategy to repaginate your businessthinking about customer satisfaction.

Under the motto "No limits are limiting", the CRM group sought to adapt during the pandemic to offer new paths within the sales journey, opening new channels of communication between new channels of communication between the brand and consumersas well as seeking to intensify communication with stakeholders, continuously informing the digitization process.

"Making the transformation is not difficult, but choosing the paths for it"says Renata Vichi, CEO of the CRM GROUP.

In the case of brands such as Kopenhagen and Brasil Cacau, the Omni Transformation was only possible through the engagement of all franchisees, thus creating a win-win omnichannel chain. It is a continuous process of evolution that involves all parties.

However, to put the Omnichannel strategy into practice, it is important to be aware that innovation goes far beyond this. The practice must start from the processes and even from the culture of the company's own employees in a way that aims at positive and satisfactory results.

It is important to address at least five pillars to make the strategy work, they are

  • Technology;
  • Logistics
  • Customer Service;
  • Training;
  • Marketing.

The individualization and humanization of the connection with the customer, whether digital or physical, is equally fundamental. The "Personal Shopper", who helps the customer choose the best products according to his style and desires, represents 92% of the active customer base and delivers a higher conversion rate of up to 8%.

Because of this, the omnichannel strategy is important because it will bring your operation closer to the consumer, enabling satisfactory strategies for understanding the customer, and thus being able to offer better products and services.

Sharing a quote from Carlos Busch:

"The customer will forget you and what you said, but not how you attended him."

How can the General Data Protection Act (LGPD) affect your Omnichannel strategy?

Ensuring an Omnichannel strategy in your company requires points of attention, such as ensuring that all customer contact channels can provide aligned information. For this, it is important that technologies such as chat, phone, web, apps, among others, can operate according to data integration.

However, with the update of the LGPD law instated in 2018, it is important to provide consumers with their data protection rights in a clear manner.

The LGPD (General Data Protection Act) law update regulates the processing of data and information of individuals collected by companies, especially on the internet, via forms. From collection to classification, processing, storage, and especially use and transfer.

Since the second half of 2020, all companies in Brazil have had to ensure that they are within the parameters of the new rules. Failure to comply with the new requirements can generate penalties with fines of up to 50 million reais.

The LGPD promises to bring much more security to citizens and keep them aware of what happens to their data. In addition to reducing or nullifying the use and transfer of irregular data.

If your company needs to adapt to the new parameters, we suggest looking for companies specialized in Data Protection to help in the treatment of these, whatever the size of the investment required, it will most likely be worth it, considering the fines for not fitting in.

Get to know LGPDY!

With the Omnichannel LGPDY solution, you can find transparent solutions for control over cookie policy and similar tracking on your site, using fingerprint and cookie policy.

This makes it much easier to be transparent with your website users by offering the possibility to consent to the use of cookies.

What is it that you need to do with your website, and what do you need to do with it?

  • Consent:
  • Sends a notification to your website users telling them about your cookie policy and also asks for consent so that browsing data can be used.

  • Monitoring:
  • Offers periodic checks to your site in order to find new types of tracking and tracing. Provides access to reports on the amount of views and consents obtained on your banner.

  • Cookie Control:
  • If the user does not give consent for data use, LGPDY automatically blocks all cookies on the site until consent is given.

  • Data Removal Form:
  • LGPDY offers a Data Revocation form, which is 100% LGPD compliant, with 5 types of data handling requests available to the user, they are: data access, data removal, data handling confirmation, data correction and portability.

    Learn about LGPDY plans for Omnichannel!

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