LGPD O que irá mudar em seu e-commerce

LGPD: What will change in your e-commerce?

The world is changing fast and in large proportions. In the online aspect, every day new websites, online stores, blogs, profiles on social networks and many other interactions of the human being arise.

Most of these interactions require the user to leave his personal data with several companies, which are used for purposes that the user is often unaware of, such as personalization and navigability, preferences, among many other examples.

The user has become increasingly unaware of why his data is being collected and what purpose it will serve, which can end up generating harsh consequences for the user in case of leaks or hacker attacks.

For this reason, it has become necessary to update the data protection laws on the Internet, giving more security and autonomy to the user to share or not his data, as well as creating stricter rules when it comes to data collection and processing by companies.

But, how does this impact your e-commerce? In addition to all the adjustments that e-commerces will have to make in their operations to regulate the data protection according to LGPDIt will be necessary to clearly inform the customer the reason why his data will be processed. See in this article what changes in your e-commerce with the new General Law of Data Protection.

Privacy policies

With the new law in force, all e-commerces will have to update their privacy policies, in order to make their relationship with the user transparent. In addition to informing all rights, guarantees, forms of use, collected data, the merchant will need to inform about the processing and disposal of these data and the purpose for which they are being collected.

It is worth noting that only the change of privacy policies are not enough to adapt your business to LGPD, it is necessary to implement the practical and internal processes of data treatment, make the protection of user data part of your brand culture.

Read more about adapting to the new LGPD rules.

User Consent

The privacy policy concerns the security conditions, practices, and processes adopted by your site to promote user safety.

With the new data protection law, besides the user being informed about his rights, guarantees, forms of use, among others, he must also give his express consent and agreement to these terms.

Validation of consent

One of the articles of the LGPD defines consent as free, informed, and unambiguous manifestation by which the holder agrees with the processing of his personal data for a specific purpose.

The main purpose of the new law is to give the user full control over the processing of his personal data. Giving autonomy to the person to provide or not to provide information about himself, or even to withdraw the consent at any time.

This applies to consent for purposes of advertising, marketing communications, among other ways to use user data within an e-commerce.

Communicate to the user about data collection

The user must be informed about the use of data in your e-commerce. From data collected during registration, payment methods and address, to data collected by installed cookies and trackers on your e-commerce site to optimize the site experience. Each of these uses, the user must be aware of and consent to.

As mentioned in the topic above, the user must know the purpose of this treatment and business model, in addition to knowing who are the departments or people responsible for the treatment of their data.

Be aware: The use of data for purposes not declared to the user is forbidden and may generate penalties to the company.

We have seen that transparency with the user is a necessity for companies that work with digital. The LGPD comes not only to change the privacy policy, but to give autonomy to the user about his collected data and to stipulate guidelines for companies that process data.

The new law is about security and the use that is made of it. It should not be done only to comply with the law, but considered part of the essence of the relationship with your customers.

Have you already adapted your site to the new LGPD rules? Start with your cookie policy, see the LGPDY platform.

teste grátis a LGPDY e entre em conformidade com a lgpd

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