5 exemplos de lojas virtuais confiáveis e de sucesso

5 examples of reliable and successful online stores

In this day and age, the word "change" may sound like an insult. However, in the corporate market, it is essential. Many brands try to renew themselves daily to be better than the competition. And that is how many stores had to leave their comfort zone of keeping only the physical store and go to the digital world.

It brings several benefits to consumers, whether in the convenience of placing an order and receiving it at home or in the ease of solving doubts through the chat room. Despite the effort, all this is rewarded in the increase of sales, the reduction of costs, and the achievement of better results for the enterprise.

To learn how your store can improve by going digital, here are some examples of successful online stores.

1. expand like Dafiti

In the beginning, the online fashion retailer sold only shoes. However, thanks to the great demand and the popularization of internet shopping, the 4 partners had the idea to expand. Now the company has more than 85,000 products from different brands.

The great success of the company caught the attention of Ontario Teachers. In 2013, the Canadian group made an investment of R$ 160 million in the business. Now, in 2017, Global Fashion Group, which owns the brand, has announced R$ 354.6 million in net revenue, up 15.1% from last year in the same period.

With the short time of activity, it is already the largest fashion e-commerce store in Latin America.

2. Be Different Like Submarino

The online store Submarino was created in São Paulo in 1999. As one of the pioneers in the digital market, it was the leader until 2004. It is one of the few brands not to have any physical business, having its efforts totally focused on the internet.

Currently, after the merger with other large companies such as Americanas.com and Shoptime, it is part of the B2W group. In 2016, it had revenues of R$ 44.4 billion and is one of the largest e-commerce groups in the country.

3. Expand Your Market Like Ultrafarma

Another large company that started offering its goods in the digital world, Ultrafarma saw the internet as an opportunity to expand its business. The initial idea of delivering medicines at a more affordable price while maintaining the quality of the brand made it strong in the face of competition.

With the expansion through the networks it was no different. Besides keeping the differential mentioned above, the brand is known for its excellent customer service. It has the owner Sidney Oliveira as a company brand, constant in commercials to strengthen the commitment to users not only physically, but also through the internet.

4. Take Risks Like Netshoes

The company, which initially had only 2 salespeople and 2 partners in a single physical store, realized the opportunity to use the internet to completely change the business.

In 2015, the brand's revenue reached R$ 2 billion reais. Its growth is the result of dedication and courage to take a risk on the platform. As a result, it is one of the references in Brazilian e-commerce and one of the leading companies in sporting goods.

5. Innovate Like Magazine Luiza

Another company that saw a great opportunity using the online store, Magazine Luiza, closed the second quarter of 2017 with a net profit of R$ 72.3 million, having 28% share of its e-commerce.

To reach these figures, the company invested heavily in social media and relied on the help of the fictional character Lu. According to its creators, she was conceived to humanize the contact with the customer. Before, the store saw that the service was not the same as in real life, regarding the differentiated service provided by the salespeople.

Participating in posts within social networks, videos, or even in chat to answer questions, she was the brand's big bet that has given great results.

As you saw, these examples of online stores demonstrate that by using the right strategy and a good investment, it is possible to have a better relationship with customers and be successful.

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