Saiba como o aprendizado de máquina está tornando o processo de compra mais personalizado e seguro

Learn how machine learning is making the buying process more personalized and secure

Every day, the use of machines is becoming essential for people who have a larger and more accurate and automated.

Machine learning is becoming more and more popular when managing digital businesses that are being more and more accurate and faster.

This article is a bit about what Machine Learning is and how it is used in the market.

What is Machine Learning?

The Training Machine Learning technique is an artificial intelligence tool for training machines to learn from data. These machines are capable of learning from large volumes of data using big data algorithms. The machines identify the data patterns and create the intelligent code settings, learning and performing tasks without human help.

The goal of this program is to predict responses more accurately and deliver the best result with the least chance of error.

This society is filtered into two main categories: supervised or unsupervised.

Supervised: The category, the interaction of a human is required for control and data input and if necessary, interferometer in the process of placing instructions for learning and applying to the next drugs of the machine in question.

Unsupervised: in this category, machine learning is used with respect to data that has no historical labels. They use deep learning to process complex tasks without human training.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Learning Machine?

  • With an unlimited source of data from various sources, you can review data and help messages based on behavior. After being trained, the machine can identify more and less know. Internal company processes.
  • You can quickly process, analyze and visualize customer needs, promoting a more personalized experience for each moment or individual.
  • It can be used to identify customer segmentation or create micro segmentations based on behavioral models. This type of product is a preemptive approach to customer segmentation, guiding each one through a buying journey.

Is There a Distinction Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Learning?

It worked with machine learning and data analysis, as well as presenting the characteristics of the work and ways of working.

Artificial Intelligence, for example, has an ability to mimic some human features through visual perception and speech recognition. All you must learn or draw inspiration from human features, or human goals.

In the Machine Learning method, learning happens without being programmed, a machine adjusts itself to give an answer according to the data already available for an analysis. The technique is not really needed to make changes, since the goal is learning through existing data.

Machine learning, the subset Deep Learning is primarily used to refer to the more complex artificial neural networks. Using sets of algorithms that fix the new and more accurate groups for various problems with image and sound recognition, systems and recommendations, among many others.

Examples of Machine Learning Applications Today

  • Google's autonomous cars (Essence)
  • Offerings like Amazon and Netflix (Everyday)
  • Learn what customers say about you on twitter (Language rules)
  • Fraud Detection

It is not hard to see companies using a technique. Today, systems like services already use Machine Learning to identify fraud and investment opportunities.

Marketplace and online stores primarily use it to enhance customer experience and find wants and visits through state-of-the-art product selection, purchase history and searches to promote items of interest, personalizing the experience on the site.

Now that you know a technique that becomes even more of a customer experience and becomes a safer shopping experience? This is a trend for years series and companies are already adapting to this new phase.

So, did you like the article today? Did you already know this technique? Come and tell us about it.

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