Estratégia de marketing de conteúdo: como valoriza um e-commerce?

Content marketing strategy: how does it add value to an e-commerce?

E-commerce has become a great way to start a company or expand your business. However, during this endeavor, many entrepreneurs find it difficult to reach a larger audience. If you are in this situation or are about to open an online store, then it is important that you adopt a content marketing strategy as soon as possible.

Nowadays, intrusive advertisements do not have the same space that they used to have. After all, it is not nice when you are interrupted by advertising content while watching a video or reading a text. That's why content marketing is here to stay.

Want to know the main reasons to invest in content marketing and how to increase your sales through this strategy? Read on and check it out!

Why invest in content marketing?

With the arrival of the digital age, the consumer has started to research in depth on search engines about products before making a purchase. Therefore, e-commerces that are not well positioned in search engines (such as Google), fail to gain much qualified traffic.

The best way to be found in Google's organic results is to produce content frequently. This is a long-term strategy, but it will save you a lot of money in the future with paid ads.

By creating relevant content, you also gain authority in your field. People start following you and asking questions related to your field on your blog or social networks. So when they are ready to buy, it is very likely that you will be their first choice.

How to increase sales with a content marketing strategy?

Search for relevant subjects

When it comes to planning the content that will be published, never trust your intuition and research what people are looking for. There are two excellent tools that show the search volume for certain subjects and related searches: Google Trends and KeyWord Planner. This way, the chances of getting the users' attention increase considerably.

Know the consumer journey

In general, before becoming a customer, the consumer goes through some stages. Basically, he is attracted to a content to solve some common doubt, discovers that he has a problem that needs to be solved, evaluates the alternatives, and decides. Therefore, you should develop your content to meet each of these stages.

If you have a leather jacket e-commerce, for example, you may attract a user who is looking for "ways to protect himself from the cold". In the second stage, this consumer might be interested in content that explains "the advantages of leather jackets". In the final decision phase, a testimonial from a satisfied customer can be a good idea.

Offer rich material on landing pages

To maximize your results with content marketing, it is desirable that you capture the users' contact data. This way you can work on an email marketing strategy to convert them into customers.

One of the best means for this task is a landing page, also known as a conversion page. On this page, you should offer a rich material, such as an e-book, in exchange for the user's e-mail address. As soon as the user enters the data, the download of the material is available.

Do you see the advantages of adopting a content marketing strategy? Therefore, it is essential that you have a blog for the publication of these materials, spread the word on social networks, and use e-mail to close more deals.

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