Conheça os novos serviços integrados ao portifólio Codeby

Discover the new services integrated into the Codeby portfolio

A Codeby has been in the e-commerce solutions market for over 7 years and during these years we have been able to serve several market players by delivering customized solutions. During this period, we have conquered a wide range of customers, meeting their needs with customized solutions.

Our trajectory is marked by the commitment to provide quality services and create lasting partnerships. We are constantly updated with the latest trends and technologies, allowing us to offer innovative and efficient solutions.

In the last year, with the integration into the Keyrus team and the unification of the specialist teams, Codeby has increased its portfolio and now delivers services on 5 fronts of digital business. In this article, learn about all the services we can deliver to a digital business.

Solutions for VTEX Stores, VTEX IO and FastStore

Codeby specializes in creating and developing customized stores and solutions on the VTEX platform, focusing on performance and profitability for your business to have the best performance in your digital channels.

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With our services focused on VTEX solutionssolutions, we help companies implement and optimize their online operations in a personalized way and focused on business scalability.

Within this front we work with implementation of vtex stores, offering customized solutions according to the unique needs of your business. With extensive experience in e-commerce development, we are able to guarantee an efficient and high quality implementation.

By having specialized and certified teams in vtex technology, we can deliver VTEX IO projects with agility and short term to go-live, in addition to developing headless stores with the Fast Store technology.

In addition, we develop customized e-commerce applications that enhance the user experience and purchase journey of your website. These solutions include advanced personalization features, analytics, inventory management and more.

Through our support and evolution service, we offer assistance with a high-level technical team dedicated to evolving your e-commerce on a daily basis. If necessary, our experts provide advice on the architecture and technology of your store, to find the best way to evolve and scale your e-commerce.

Customized solutions for Digital Commerce

Codeby offers customized solutions according to the unique needs of your business. With extensive experience in e-commerce development, we can ensure an efficient and high-quality implementation on platforms such as VTEX, ShopifyShopify Plus, Sales force and others.

With a wide range of advanced tools and features, Codeby helps boost the success of your business and offers continuous support and follow-up to ensure that your online store keeps running smoothly.

On this service front, we offer e-commerce development, support and evolution, consulting and project development focused on user experience with studies of UX/UI STUDIES. According to the needs of your business, we can develop applications within the platforms we work with, to be solutions in the purchase journey, payment, logistics, data and operational processes of online stores.

Solutions for digital businesses in Digital Marketing

Now that Codeby is a Keyrus Company, it has been integrated into our portfolio services of Digital Marketing to further cover the needs of our customers. We have the advantage of integrating Keyrus' solutions and team of experts, which adds value with all the years of experience and success cases with clients around the world.

We have technology solutions to help companies gather, unify and manage customer data from multiple sources, providing valuable information to improve the customer experience and increase the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Among our solutions for Digital Marketing you can find CDP, SEO, Marketing Automation, CRO, AI and personalization services.

More technology for your business with Digital Transformation

Keep your brand relevant and competitive in an increasingly technological market. We help your business make the most of the advantages of digital transformation in your sales channels.

We provide detailed and personalized consulting, including the analysis of your current and future needs, assessing your infrastructure, technology and your business processes. We then recommend significant changes to enhance your digital presence.

We work based on the unique needs of your business to create a successful e-commerce strategy that meets your business objectives.

We have a team of highly skilled solution architects to work together with your company and create a solid and scalable framework to support the growth of your channels.

Our Digital Transformation include: Digital Assessment, Technology Consulting, Design Thinking and Architecture Solutions for e-commerce.

Solution and transformation with the service of Data Transformation

Covering data solutions, our data transformation service aims to transform information into valuable insights for more assertive decision making.

With an information-driven approach, we help you assess and optimize your data ecosystem, identifying areas that need improvement and providing recommendations for remediation.
Utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies and solutions to ensure your business has access to accurate, consistent and reliable data.

Among our services in Data transformation are: Data Assessment, Data Governance, Cloud Management, Data Visualization and LGPDY (Platform for managing consent for the use of cookies on websites).

At Codeby we have the flexibility to adapt and customize solutions for your project, be it B2C, D2C or B2B, we develop projects with solid technology and architecture that supports the growth of your business and offers a better shopping experience. shopping experience exceptional for your customers.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow and excel online.

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