Quais métricas do Google Analytics você deve sempre acompanhar?

Which Google Analytics metrics should you always track?

Whether to appear on the first page of Google, or to increase the number of sales, a strategy used by large companies is to analyze the results using Google Analytics metrics.

Even if the campaign has not shown good results, the company can take advantage of the experience and use the tool to observe what mistakes were made. The method can also refine the strategy of successful campaigns to reach an even larger audience.

After reading this article, you will know how to use metrics to improve the results of your campaign. But first, you need to understand the importance of using the tool!

Learn what is Google Analytics

In short, Google Analytics is a free monitoring tool to show, through statistics, the traffic generated on your website or online store.

With the use of basic analytical tools for SEO, you can measure the result generated by a marketing strategy.

Understand its importance

Although some entrepreneurs believe that its use makes no difference in the dissemination of a product, it is through SEO that the company will know which strategies were most efficient and can be improved for the next campaign.

This way, the company will know, for example

  • the amount of visits to the site;
  • how many people returned to the page;
  • through which channel the person found your site;
  • which strategy generated more hits or results;

By analyzing the results in the platform, the company starts to understand which are the channels and strategies in which they should invest in the next campaigns.

That said, see below three Google Analytics metrics essential for a marketing strategy!

Visits and visitors

To know the amount of people who were impacted by the disclosure, the metric divides the data as follows:

visitors: corresponds to the number of people who visited the website, regardless of how many times they visited;

visits: visits, on the other hand, shows the number of times the site was accessed.

To clarify, imagine that the visitor accessed your site three times in a single day. Because it was accessed by a single person, the tool will show one visitor and three visits.

With the above data, the marketing team can create strategies to optimize the flow of visitors to increase conversion as the user browses the site.

Rejection Rate

The metric shows the percentage of people who accessed the site, but then abandoned it. For this reason, they did not interact or access any other link on the page.

The metric is extremely relevant, especially if analyzed on pages where there are advertisements for products and services.

If the rate is high, you should be attentive and try to find out what displeased the reader.

To facilitate the analysis, check if:

  • the offer or content is relevant to your audience;
  • the information presented answers the audience's objections;
  • the information presented does not cause confusion when it comes to performing an action, such as closing a purchase, for example.

Percentage of new visits

The result shows the percentage of people who visited your site for the first time within a given period.

Even if the value is low, you should analyze the situation before worrying, since the low rate may indicate that your site manages to retain a good part of the followers, which is positive. This way you will know that the content you post generates value for people.

On the other hand, you can see that the site has not been attracting new visitors, showing that the outreach can be improved.

Now if the rate is high, it means that the page catches the public's attention, but people don't make a point of coming back to your site. This shows that either the content is not relevant, or there was a problem opening the page.

We know how important it is to check the performance of a new campaign. With the numbers in hand, the team can refine the strategies to attract an even larger audience.

Whether you want to improve conversion or increase sales, you can track your results using Google Analytics metrics!

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