Projeto Codeby: Conheça o novo e-commerce da Iron Studios

Project Codeby: Meet the new e-commerce from Iron Studios

Iron Studios opened its online store in June 2017. Since then, it has been focusing its work on meeting the growing demand of fans and collectors in Brazil.

The brand works mainly with pop culture and oriental collectibles, providing fans with its own production as well as products from other renowned manufacturers in the market.


Since the beginning, the Iron Studios team has thought of ways to better serve their customers through e-commerce. And when the platform they were using was discontinued, the team looked for ways to migrate to a new platform in a short period of time, so that their customers would not have their experience hindered.

The Project

The project aimed to migrate to the VTEX platform in a fast and agile way. That is why we chose to use the E-commerce framework, which makes it possible to reduce the store's development time to just 15 days.

Thus, the project was divided into two phases, where in the first, an MVP of the store's site was made, with customization and addition of basic functionalities. Followed by the project's evolution and robustness phase, through corrections, new applications, and work focused on optimizing the online store.

The development

Aiming for a better performance of the online store, our team applied the lazyload technique that optimizes the loading time of the site, downloading the content during navigation as the user browses the site.

We ensured the responsiveness of the project, applying responsive banners and also product photos per device, which aims to save data on mobile browsing. The customized transactional emails also adapt to the user's screen, which improves the user experience and convenience on mobile as well.

In the first phase of this project, simple features were added, but they add value in the user's experience, navigability and shopping journey. They were used:

  • Smart minicart, which allows the user to view shipping information, coupons or stock status just by consulting the cart, without leaving the navigation page.
  • Smart research, which optimizes the site's search, showing more specific results about departments, categories, without the need to load a new page.
  • Infinity Scroll, which allows the customer to navigate in the same page and see all the products of interest without the need to refresh the page.

All these functionalities are available for purchase separately in our Plugins store.

Finally, we customized the native checkout of the VTEX platform, to maintain the visual experience from beginning to end of the purchase journey.


We developed the MVP of the new Iron Studios e-commerce on the VTEX platform, which already has great SEO results and good loading rates. In phase two, we will work on the optimization of these aspects, in addition to the evolution with applications and robustness of the project.

The result you can check out at

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