Codeby Project: Meet Valisere's new website

The French Valisere brand arrived in Brazil in 1934. Belonging to the Rosset Group, it soon established itself as one of the most sophisticated in the Brazilian lingerie market.

A reference in sophistication, sensuality, and quality, Valisere was Codeby's first customer years ago. And today, we are very pleased to present the recently completed redesign of the brand's website.

With several problems, such as extreme slowness, the site was rebuilt from scratch. The work included the implementation of a new layout, more visual, and a modular site (same base for 7 brands), reducing support costs.

Among the features, some new features were implemented:
- Quick Cart in Modular Vue;
- Shelf (with "buy", without the quick view or leaving the page);
- Free shipping bar;
- Wish List;
- Modular and replicable site;
- New Let me know;
- Responsive site.

You can check out the complete work at and see other work done by Codeby at

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