O impacto da gamificação na jornada de compra

The impact of gamification on the purchase journey

To attract and retain customers, brands are betting on new strategies to improve the purchase journey, and one of them is gamification. Implementing games has proven to be a trend has proven to be a truly positive and efficient when it comes to a remarkable experience.

In other words, gamification has come to revolutionize the buying journey, making the relationship between brand and consumer much more fun, and significantly increasing engagement. Improving results and keeping the customer close.

Including gamification in your e-commerce also helps retain users, especially on the first contact, since it does not always suggest that there will be a second interaction/purchase. And this kind of personalized strategy tends to generate curiosity because it is an innovative idea.

But the impacts of gamification on the purchase journey are not limited to the above. See below the main advantages of gamification and how efficient planning can influence customers' buying behavior.

What are the advantages of gamification?

Quais são as vantagens da gamificação?

More than expanding engagement and strengthening the relationship with the brand by promoting a more playful and interactive purchase journey, gamification in e-commerce brings other very interesting advantages for retailers who adhere to the game mechanics. These are:

1 - Ensures good results

When customers are satisfied, your store's results increase.

Gamification grants small victories to consumers through certain tasks to earn points and/or rewards. And, based on that, you think about which prizes and actions will be given or performed to conquer them. Thus providing good results.

And also ensuring the loyalty of your customers.

2 - It helps to conquer "promoting clients".

The promoting clients are those who refer your company to family and friends when satisfied with the experience, becoming true supporters of the brand.

Gamification, in this case, helps to win them over. Customers will feel more encouraged and also enthusiastic about continuing the relationship and support for your brand.

3 - Provides immersion in your brand

Using gamification as a tactic to provide an immersion in the values, history and trajectory of your brand makes customers feel increasingly connected to you.

In addition, implementing game mechanics in your businesscontributes to making your solutions more accessible, as well as driving the customer journey journey more easily.

4 - Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns influence consumers' perception and engagement with your brand, as well as their behavior and the frequency with which they make purchases.

When implementing gamification in your e-commerce, campaigns should not focus on "pushing" the message or focusing only on sales, but rather on creating a pleasant context and a positive experience in relation to the brand, aiming at customer loyalty.

Gamified promotions tend to have different results. They generate value through fun games and attractive prizes, and allow consumers to choose when they want to interact and the type of content they receive, rather than receiving worthless campaigns at times when they do not want to be bothered.

Essential factors for gamification

Fatores essenciais para a gamificação

In all existing types of games, there are four essential factors that, according to the research of Jane McGonigal - internationally renowned game designer - should also be applied in the e-commerce gamification process. These are:

  • Goal: The major goal of the game, achievable through stages or a certain level;
  • Rules: that will define how the player should behave in the game;
  • Feedback: to recognize the player's performance and to keep him engaged;
  • Voluntary participation: reflects the player's desire to continue, when the other factors mentioned above come into harmony.

In view of this, when using gamification in your e-commerce strategies, the marketing team must pay attention to these four elements.

Is it worthwhile to use gamification in e-commerce?

Vale a pena aderir a gamificação no e-commerce?

Gamification is a technique that has a very positive impact on the public, transforming the buying journey into a unique and fun experience, helping to reach the brand, and providing the necessary motivation for consumers to recommend your e-commerce store.

So yes, gamification in your e-commerce is worthwhile.

These games improve the interaction of your personas and increase the chances of loyalty. They also increase your sales and brand recognition in the marketplace.

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