O que aprendi sobre testes automatizados?

What have I learned about automated testing?

What have I learned about automated testing?

Dear Readers,

Codeby produced an automated testing platform that ran over 1 million tests on sites like Aramis, Shoulder, Popup Store, and Colombo in the last 4 months. There were several lessons learned and I will pass some of them on to you!

I never imagined that automated tests would be so important for an operation. There are bots running in the digital business every 30 minutes, so it is possible to collect every kind of error, be it usability, code, platform, etc. You will discover many errors and correct them.

You will probably get tired in the beginning, with the amount of warnings your digital business has, and this is normal. Most companies don't use tests to know if their users face problems and this is only discovered by the SAC, after your user faces many problems.

One learning I got from Testby is that there is a big difference between automated and non-automated tests. The non-automated tests are tests that work only to see if, when you make some changes in the software, it continues to work. Automated tests work all the time, collecting data after the change and throughout the process, detecting many more errors.

All clients that have used Testby have reached a level of maturity where they no longer have the need to use the platform, which is awesome! We were finally able to bring their digital business to a surreal, error-free level.

Talking about Testby, we found out that it is a 3 to 4 month long service that optimizes your new digital business or even a product that has never been tested with experts!

By Fellipe Guimarães, CEO of Codeby.

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