O que é VTEX IO e como esta solução pode ser útil para seu e-commerce?

What is VTEX IO and how can this solution be useful for your e-commerce?

Ready to become a global e-commerce platform, VTEX has been charting its course towards this goal. The Brazilian company currently operates in more than 25 countries in Europe and Latin America with plans to increase its participation in international markets in the coming years.

To increase its presence, the platform launched a new development environment, VTEX IO, which provides a unique microservices architecture and allows the construction of high quality web software at low cost.

With it, it is possible to integrate with virtually all market ERPs, facilitating not only inventory and logistics management, but also the integration of alternative payment methods, such as Apple Pay.

In the matter of code development, the new environment offers the architecture of a modern service based on serverless computing, which allows the creation of applications and integrations with more speed and efficiency for an online store or an omnichannel business.

What facilities does VTEX IO offer?

The new environment promises to uncomplicate the technical side of code development, taking away the responsibility of implementing business rules, infrastructure, server configurations, access permissions and many other things. VTEX IO covers all these architectural complexities and enables:

  • Program back-end and front-end code: With the new environment, the development team has more freedom to develop and program code.
  • Develop diverse applications and integrate them with your online store: In IO, the developer works with apps through separate workspaces. With a single command, he can develop custom apps and test the changes in the code.
  • Integrate existing apps into your online store: You can use existing apps by simply installing them into your VTEX environment.
  • Test changes in real time (in the cloud): Code change testing can be done in real time and in the cloud, deployed. This avoids common scenarios of server configuration errors, where the code works locally but not in production.
  • Produce configurable components: This avoids duplication of code for different stores, ensuring store customization and making it easy to reuse components in different contexts.

What Advantages Does It Offer for My Omnichannel Business?

One of the big bets of the platform is to strengthen the omnichannel concept, offering the same consumption experience in all the platforms that a brand offers.

  • Integrations can be performed freely and with agility: Because the codes are not centered in the platform, it is possible to create applications according to your store's needs.
  • Generate multiple purchasing flows for your customers: With VTEX OMS, the customer can perform several consumption flows, such as trying the product in the physical store and buying online, or buying online and picking it up in the physical store, the possibilities are many.
  • Integrate different payment systems: With the possibility of integrating most of the ERPs in the market, IO facilitates the integration of payment systems such as Apple Pay, for example.
  • Improve logistics (stock and product delivery and return systems): These integrations allow for the control of stock with respect to orders placed, reserve write-offs, price handling, both for the definition of list values and for promotional campaign applications.

The new environment promises to bring high quality with low cost to a virtual store, bringing ease and freedom at the time of development, allowing better customization and integration between systems and applications.

It is a great bet for those who are ahead of an omnichannel business, because it allows to integrate all levels of the business in a simple and scalable way.


And if you are already using this new environment, we have something new for you! By accessing this link you can download our VMIO Application, to organize your window display in a simple way through the Score of products and still apply the principle of Visual Merchandising. Enjoy, it's totally FREE!

So, what do you think of this new environment? Let us know.

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