O que o consumidor espera do varejo online em 2022?

What does the consumer expect from online retail in 2022?

The pandemic has forced businesses to reinvent their planning and sales channels to serve the consumer in such a troubled scenario. Consumers in turn have also adapted the way they shop, either by using online channels more or by rationalizing consumption in the midst of the crisis.

Despite the high impact that social isolation brought to retail, the sector exceeded expectations and knew how to react to the difficulties, focusing on the acceleration of e-commerce, which contributed to the digital transformation of many companies.

Seeing these transformations that have met the new needs of people, what the consumer should expect from the online retail in 2022. In this article we talk about some points that will continue to be relevant for online transactions.

Digital as a total force

Even with the reopening of physical stores, digital channels continued to advance and gain ground among consumers. This is because the new reality has encouraged people to abandon prejudices and incorporate new habits into their shopping journeys.

These are the cases of the supermarket sectors that counted on a consumer resistance to buy perishables without seeing them, or the fashion sector that also needs to work with the fact that the consumer can't try on the clothes they want to buy. Or even, the pharmacy sector, which had difficulties in offering controlled drugs or drugs requiring a prescription, in online channels.

All these points were overcome during the digital transformation of companies that innovated during the crisis and were accepted by consumers who were more receptive to online channels.

Integrated shopping journeys

It seems that traditional and digital channels should coexist for the consumer, as they increasingly seek personalized experiences that meet their need in the here and now.

On and Off channels should be more integrated than ever, and complement each other's experience. Some examples of this are the infinite shelf services in physical stores or online purchases with the option to pick up at the store, or even the use of QR codes in physical store windows that lead to access and purchase on the website.

The possibilities of offering integrated shopping to the user are endless, and many companies in different sectors have adopted this path to serve online users, as is the case of shopping centers that are seeking to integrate their malls to an online experience and completely advantageous for shopkeepers and customers.

In any case, stores and websites with diverse assortments and with the proposal of solving everything in one place, can gain more relevance.

The value of convenience

We still live in the era of immediacy, and even with the totally changed scenario, people still value convenience and agility. Restaurants, neighborhood super markets, and even businesses in other segments are using delivery apps to stand out from the competition. Giants like Mc Donalds have also inserted delivery apps into their strategy to add value to the customer.

Delivery apps have gained more prominence in people's lives, and consumers are willing to pay more for freight if it means they get the product faster.

Security becoming more important

Security is becoming more important in traditional channels. The way stores are frequented may change due to greater concern for hygiene. The trend is that consumers spend less time in stores so they expect the experience to be more streamlined. In addition, hyper-care becomes necessary to be visible and accessible to the customer, showing the care that your company is taking regarding people's health.

In digital commerce, security is also an important issue. With so many companies migrating to digital, security is becoming indispensable. compliance with data security lawsWith so many companies moving to digital, it becomes indispensable to protect users from data leakage, for example.

It is worth investing in actions that show that your company is concerned about the security of its customers and stakeholders.

These are some learnings that can remain in online retail and that the consumer expects to be continued and optimized during 2021. If you like this subject, I recommend watching the video from Google Academy video about retail post covid 19.

And if you want to know what the future of e-commerce will look like after the retail transformation of the last few years, check out our E-commerce trends guide for 2022.

Remember that our expert team is always available to talk about the evolution of your e-commerce, contact our consultants.

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