Conceito omnichannel: Integre seus estoques com a Prateleira Infinita

Omnichannel concept: Integrate your stocks with the Infinite Shelf

The popularization of the internet is not news to anyone, and neither is the fact that this is influencing the customer's buying journey, encompassing opportunities and eliminating trade barriers, as is the case of the Infinite Shelf.

This trend applicable in businesses that work with e-commerce and online is a way to increase sales channels, proposes the integration of physical and virtual store inventories with the intention of avoiding lost sales due to lack of product.

In this article you will better understand what the concept of Infinite Shelf is, and how using stock integration in your business can generate benefits for your customers and your operation.

What is the Infinite Shelf?

Imagine the frustration of a customer who went to your physical store to buy a product of interest, and when they got there, they couldn't find what they wanted. This situation undoubtedly impacts a company negatively, even more so if it happens too often.

The infinite shelf is one of the omnichannel macroprocesses in which the retailer integrates the stocks of the physical stores with the virtual store, with the objective of avoiding this situation that besides frustrating the consumer causes the store to lose sales due to lack of product.

With this concept the retailer can solve the above situation more efficiently, accessing the product availability in the virtual store and offering the opportunity to close the sale at the same moment, with the possibility of forwarding the purchase to the store for later withdrawal or an address of the customer's choice.

In practice, the point of sale does not necessarily need to have a large stock. With a few products for the customer to have contact and test if necessary is already enough to use the infinite shelf and make purchases with the stocks of your online store through tablets or interactive totems.

Why use infinite shelves in my business?

The advantages for your business start with the fact that it prevents the sale from being lost due to not having the desired item in the store, in addition, your customer's experience is elevated, since your brand is giving importance in realizing the desire to buy even if you don't have it in the store at the moment.

The concept also brings to a business the fight against stock-outs once all the stocks are integrated, avoiding expenses with merchandise transfers and increasing the options of items in the stock of all the stores.

What are the advantages?

  • Variety of items: Your store can have a much wider variety of items available to the customer, since the offer of products available in your online store, franchises, partner stores or the distribution center.
  • Facilitated logistics: Offering the possibility for the customer to pick up the product at the store makes logistics more optimized by reducing expenses and delays in delivery.
  • Use stock from other stores and online stores: With a unified stock, processes and expenses with transfers between units are saved and still ensure that it is impossible to lose sales due to lack of item.
  • Control consumer frustration: The infinite shelf, besides adding value to the customer experience, avoids the frustration of not finding the product they want. If the store has test products, the customer can have the first contact and choose to make the purchase online right there in the store, thus allowing you to control consumer frustration.

Who is already using it?

Several brands use the concept in their sales strategies, whether they are large, medium or small. There are interesting solutions for each type of business, and they make stock integration much easier.

One brand that uses the concept in its physical stores is Sephora, which besides having products for testing on its shelves, has a well identified place in case the customer does not find what he is looking for with a computer for the customer to access the online store and have access to the entire catalog.

By applying a simple channel integration concept, your store can boost sales and deliver a much more complete experience to your customer in the physical stores. Are you familiar with this concept? Tell us about it in the comments.

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