Ouça agora o 1º episódio do podcast E-commerce Tech & Talk

Listen now to the 1st episode of the E-commerce Tech & Talk podcast

Podcast is already part of the routine of much of the population, it is accessible and convenient in many moments of our daily lives and the charm of this media format is precisely there, in the possibility of accessing knowledge with agility and simplicity.

In order to share relevant content and in formats that fit the most hectic routines, we created the podcast "E-commerce Tech&Talk" for you to listen to our experts wherever and whenever you want and learn more about the world of technology, e-commerce and digital market trends.

Listen to the 1st episode of the E-commerce Tech & Talk Podcast

In this first episode, our COO Victor Almeida was the host and conducted a chat about the importance of UX for e-commerce. Felipe Júlio, Head of Design at Codeby, talked about his experience with design, development and how he started to have a more usability-oriented look.

Felipe talked about the trends for UX and UI and how an e-commerce company should think when it comes to user experience, how to adapt the online store to the new context taking into account people's consumption trends, as well as having a site accessible to everyone who needs a greater support in the digital experience.

Listen to this first episode on Spotify and stay tuned for this and the next talks.

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