Página de produtos: como ela influencia a sua conversão?

Product page: how does it influence your conversion?

One of the main aspects to be analyzed when deciding to open an e-commerce store or transform your store into a virtual store is the product page. It will be fundamental for your business to achieve the expected results.

We must remember that the main advantage of having a presence in the digital world is to allow access to anyone, anywhere in the world and at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee some aspects so that the user experience is positive and the conversion into sales occurs.

Are you interested in this subject? Then, continue reading this article and see how the product page influences your conversion. Don't wait any longer!

How to Create a Product Page?

The product page must be previously planned, based on a careful analysis of all the aspects that may interfere in the customer's buying journey, making it the most efficient possible.

The planning process must include two main points: the customers and Google. Customers are the people who will buy your products, and if the product page is not easy to operate, they will buy from other online stores.

Google is very important for the ranking of the site in organic searches. In addition, it is able to identify whether a page and a product are useful to a particular customer or not. Investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques on a product page can be of great value.

Is Dividing Products into Categories a Good Idea?

The presentation of products is essential for an efficient product page. Many online stores divide their products into categories, assigning characteristics to the items and facilitating the customer's buying process.

You can, for example, create some more important categories, called parent categories. They should be present in your main menu, because of their importance.

However, you should not create a large number of divisions. This practice can confuse customers and make searching for a particular product more difficult. To do this, use subcategories. The important thing is to always remember that consumers should be able to find what they want in a few clicks.

What should be in the description?

The description is also an important factor for sales conversion. Create a good text, highlighting the main benefits and differentials of your products. Do not skimp on words.

Many people believe that customers do not read descriptions, but this is a primary mistake. People read everything before making an online purchase. Therefore, invest in text, use images, tables, infographics, and any other resource that can add value to the product.

Surely you know what are the main questions that your customers have when making purchases. So use the product description to answer them.

Finally, never copy a description. For a good positioning in Google and to gain the confidence of customers, it is necessary that all your exhibits are 100% original.

What are the most common mistakes?

Of course, you will not be the first to create a product page. Many online stores have already been created, and some mistakes have become quite common in this process. The first mistake is creating a superficial description, as we have already highlighted. See more:

Low-quality images

Images are essential to the digital world. It is through them that consumers can visualize what they are buying. The ideal is to invest in professional photos that show the reality of the items. This way, customers will know exactly what they are buying and will not feel deceived when the product arrives.

Overloaded design

The design of an online store resembles the store window of a physical store. In this way, we cannot let the storefront for the digital world be polluted and drive customers away. In this case, less is more. Invest in a simple and functional layout.

The product page is one of the gateways for consumers into your online store. It should be responsible for positively influencing their conversion and also improve your results. Think about it!

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