Como o paradoxo da escolha pode impactar resultados da loja virtual?

How can the paradox of choice impact web store results?

Have you ever been faced with several options for the same product and just given up buying it because you couldn't make a choice? This situation is more common than you think, and is called the paradox of choice. This paradox influences the success of a business in that, even when the customer decides to buy, he may become dissatisfied with the options.

In the world of e-commerce this is quite common. However, if you want to better understand how this process works and how to help your customers make the best (and guilt-free) choices, read this article to the end and check it out!

What is the paradox of choice?

For a long time we believed that our well-being was directly linked to the amount of freedom we had when faced with any choice, that is, the more decisions we could make, the more freedom we would have. However, with an evolution and the predominance of the information age, we end up being excluded by a large number of options in whatever product or service is allowed.

This excess, contrary to what it seems, becomes harmful in the purchase decision process, since the higher the same product we have, the harder it is to find the one we consider perfect.

In this way, it becomes more complicated to decide to buy, or the risk of regret increases, whenever there is a mysterious voice blowing in our ears that another model or brand of one was the best choice, generating a disincentive for a new purchase.

We can tell what happens because our brain is usually attracted by the amount of options. However, if this number is high, the chance of not making any decision, or deciding the wrong way, is always greater.

In other words, a large number of changes of the same product can cause great visibility in your store, but this greater visibility is not always good and means more sales.

How does it affect the result of an e-commerce?

This paradox is applicable in e-commerce since, with the popularization of the Internet and access by various devices, it is increasingly common for users to choose to buy online. This is due both to the ease and convenience of buying without leaving home, and also to the greater security that stores provide to the customer.

It is also on the internet that we found a plethora of stores selling the same products at very similar prices and performing practically the same functions. It is in this scenario that we see the influence of the paradox of choice.

Thus, online stores that have a larger quantity of products suffer more from customer indecision or regret than those that have little product variety. But what can be done to avoid losing sales with the paradox of choice? Helping the customer to make the best decisions.

How to help the customer make the best decisions?

In order for you not to suffer from the paradox of choosing your online store, you need to encourage the customer to decide in an easier and less painful way. So take a look at the following tips!

Establish few categories

There are online stores that have access to product categories. This can often hinder the user experience, who may feel lost and not find what they need at that moment.

Therefore, a tip is to create few categories, something around 5 to 9 (some experts believe that 7 is the ideal number). This way the visitor can see the easiest way as information on how to search and find the product. When a variety of products requires more categories, you can create sort of subcategories, or filters, that facilitate access to a purchase.

Limit the number of products per page

Stores that have a very large diversity of products on offer may not do well with endless scrollbars. This is because this type of layout makes it difficult for the user to find things like payment or contact information. In addition, a configuration can disturb or load the page, affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and make your site inefficient.

If your e-commerce has few products, this is not a big problem. However, if you have many options, limit the number of products per page to a low number.

Alternative types of products that are produced

A good sales strategy is to ensure that merchandise sells well, such as highlights and prices charged by customers, with those that do not have such a good sales tax. While trying to export only what does well, this kind of strategy introduces new things to customers and can still help turn or record, allowing you to get rid of those stranded products.

Create a specific category for promotions

Based on the idea that customers of online stores take into account the price and time when deciding to buy, creating a specific tab for promotions can be a good way to facilitate the choice, because he will have access only to products with discounts and keep the flow of users always active. Just be careful to keep this page always secure!

Use moving banners to separate offers

Another interesting tip to help users identify the products is to create different banners for each type of offer. To make the layout look nice, choose to put them in motion. This way the customer will be directed to the specific offers in the category they want to buy.

Allow customer reviews

Customer reviews greatly influence the choice and reputation of your store. So, there is the option to include their comments, allow, because they can be worth more than advertising actions.

To have good reviews, get a quality product, good logistics with fast delivery, and a good relationship with the customer.

Offer one more payment option

More than facilitating the choice and the purchase process, it is necessary to offer ease of payment and one more option for finalizing the purchase, since not everyone has or uses credit cards.

By following all these options, the effects of the paradox of choice can be minimized and your online store can stand out and have a good conversion rate. This helps a lot in the growth and results of your business.

Did you like to understand about this subject? Then be sure to continue learning and check out our post with a checklist on how to increase conversion in your online store!

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