Passo a passo: como desenvolver uma loja virtual?

Step by step: how to develop an e-shop?

With the advance of technology, many companies have started to create an online store to expand their business. It becomes a good alternative (in some cases, their main) way to attract new customers and consequently generate more sales.

Besides the increase in the number of sales, the platform provides a better direct contact with your customers. Thus, your store will be recommended to acquaintances, generating more results for you.

Are you interested in starting an internet business? Take a look at our step by step guide below!

Have an Idea

First of all, you need to define your goal for creating a website. Among them, we can mention:

  • have a physical store and want to use the internet to better promote your products, using the tool as a virtual store window;
  • have the idea of selling products/services using technology to advertise and deliver the goods to different places in the country without having a physical store
  • plan to set up a platform where different vendors can advertise their services and products, receiving a percentage of each sale.

Have a Strategic Plan

To succeed in digital entrepreneurship, you need to define which audience you want to reach with your sales. A good way to start is to do market research. This way you can see how much your product is searched for by people on the Internet.

A good tool is the Google Keywords Tool. It gives insight into how keywords in a particular niche are used by potential competitors.

Speaking of competitors, by visiting their website you can get a sense of how they advertise their services and how they offer them to their customers. So ask yourself how you would do it better and create new strategies to bring users to your site.

Develop The Store

Having in mind what audience you want to reach and how the competition attracts your buyers, it is time to set up your own online store.

To get started, you need to use the WordPress platform. It is the most recommended because it does not require knowledge of website development. Thus, you will be able to better focus on the sales activity. Another strong point is the number of tools that complement the platform, either to create better engagement with customers through blogs, for example.

Deliver a Good Experience

To make the customer feel at ease inside the site, it is necessary to have a well-built page.

So register a domain name that is easy for people to understand, so that it is easier for them to find your store online. Another tip is to use a name that has a connection to the product you offer. If the domain is not available, check for a similar one.

To make sure the customer stays inside the site, make sure it looks good. Have you ever entered a site but left because of your appearance?

This is how users behave if the appearance is not good. For this reason it is important that you choose a good theme that makes people curious about your work.

Another important factor is to focus on the simple. When a page tries to deliver everything, with several options, tabs and menus, the user gets confused, not knowing what to do inside. This way, it is possible that he will give up on staying on the platform.

Provide Security

For the site to create a good reputation, it is important that from the beginning the seller takes care of its clients' security. To do this, use SLL certificates - Secure Sockets Layer. This is a tool responsible for creating secure communication between the customer and the store using encryption.

Investing in security is important so that customers feel more secure. In this way, the system will be less vulnerable to possible fraud from cybercriminals.

These are some steps you can take to develop your own website.

However, it is important that it is well developed to actually make sales. For this reason, some people choose to delegate the task to companies such as Codeby. We can develop your virtual store so that you can focus on making sales. Want to know how? Contact us!

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