Quais as perspectivas para o setor de moda e acessórios?

What are the prospects for the fashion and accessories sector?

It is no secret that the current scenario has forced businesses in all segments to review their sales strategies and adapt to new habits and consumer needs. One of the sectors that has seen the most changes in behavior, and consequently in its sales, is the fashion and accessories sector.

In the first months of social isolation, many brands tried to reinvent their business models, seeing the need to migrate to digital and bet on aggressive promotions in their e-commerce. Even so, the industry was hit hard as consumers were cutting non-essential items from their budgets during this same period, including new clothes and accessories.

There has been a decrease in purchases in the sector. In a survey conducted by Opinion Boxbetween March and June, 63% of people did not buy clothes or accessories, and this is due to the fact that many of these people used to buy in high street stores, department stores or shopping malls.

But what are the prospects for the future of the sector and what can the retailer do to innovate your retail strategy according to the new needs of the consumer? This is what we will talk about in this article.

Where to start innovating in the fashion industry?

Technology has become a powerful ally for companies that are adapting to the new scenario, the importance of adding technology and experience becomes something essential for a more personal contact with the product, and the more complete user experience and as close to that offered in physical commerce as possible.

Maghan Mcdowell, innovation editor of Vogue Business, told in her lecture in Forum E-commerce Brazil - Global EditionMaghan Mcdowell, innovation editor at Vogue Business, talked about the outlook for the fashion industry and cited some of the publisher's innovations, to deliver a more personal contact with the product. unique, futuristic and realistic experiences for e-commerce.

Many of these innovations take into consideration delivering a personalized experience coupled with virtual reality, a technology that is being explored not only in fashion, but in segments such as tourism and art, construction and decoration, and many others.

Maghan cites the following innovations undertaken by the publisher's team:

3D digital design

One of the difficulties of making Internet shopping of clothes and accessories, is the impossibility of trying on pieces, to know how that clothing will look on your body, this motivates many consumers to choose not to make purchases through digital channels.

Thinking about this need, motivated by the fact that the consumer cannot go to a physical store, the brand saw an opportunity for innovation that not only meets this consumer need, but is also sustainable.

The 3D Digital Design, basically consists of three-dimensional clothing models with a realistic look that mold to the consumer's body, besides showing combinations for that piece. In addition, it has the proposal to be sustainable, so the piece only goes into production after the purchase.

One of the main companies that are betting on this technology is Tommy Hilfiger, which will start in its spring collection in 2022.

exemplo de Design 3D da Tommy Hilfiger

Augmented Reality

You may already be familiar with Snapchat and the fun filters that the app makes available to the user, what you may not know is that many of these filters use the principles of virtual reality and can be used in favor of your business.

Virtual reality enables much more user interaction with your brand and products. Through this technology it is possible to give the opportunity to try on accessories, clothes, and even give a sense of proportion of products.

It is a trend that can be explored in social networks such as Facebook Shopping and Instagram Shopping.

Instagram Shopping

Digital clothing

Digital clothing has an interesting capacity for User interactivity with your brand. First, it makes it possible to try on clothes that are different from one's personal style, and visually encourage the attempt to acquire a new style.

Social isolation has awakened a new interest in consumers: trying new things. And digital clothing fits like a glove, especially when taken to the reality of the consumer, who is already used to a similar experience in games or some social media.

provador-virtual topshop


An application that involves the user in challenges and experiments with styles from famous fashion shows. The app allows you to create combinations and share looks with other users, and even suggest voting for looks.

It is an interesting tool to influence people, even brands like Prada, Burberry, and Gucci have already made their products available on Drest.

In the midst of the pandemic, the app's installation grew about 50% in April alone, and much of this growth was due to the fact that people are spending more time at home and are looking for different experiences and distractions.



Showing products through video is already a practice adopted by some brands in their sales strategy in e-commerce. Besides showing more details of the product, videos give notions of proportion and create a more receptive atmosphere to the customer.

But have you ever thought about making sales through video? That's right, one of the trends mentioned by Maghan Mcdowell and widely used in the East by luxury brands, is selling fashion products through videos.

The tool has the proposal to be dynamic and usable on any video device, giving the customer a exclusive service unique experience. In addition, it is possible to gather important data about your customer, such as buying behavior, products of interest, cart abandonment, and most viewed products.

What can we conclude with these predictions?

The fashion and accessories industry undoubtedly needs to find in technology an ally to adapt its online sales strategy. Create experiences that are close to reality, that give the customer a sense of presence. It is also worth keeping an eye on the news that emerge from reputable brands in the market.

Increasing contact with the product will also be appreciated when shopping online, since physical contact is restricted. Using the artifices of video, virtual reality or 3D models are a great way to increase this contact.

So, what has your brand done to adapt to the new consumer needs? Get to know the trends for e-commerce in 2022Download now the ebook and get valuable insights for your business.

If you have not yet started this digital transformation, Codeby can help you, contactour consultants.

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