Pickup Store: Como funciona o serviço de entrega para retirar na loja

Pickup Store: How the delivery service works for pickup at the store

As an omnichannel concept, the pickup store is present in retail to integrate sales channels and make the user experience more personalized when the purchase is made online.

For those who don't know yet, the Pickup Store is the English term for "Store Pickup" where the customer can buy products online and choose a store of your brand to pick up the product at the counter with personal assistance.

It may not seem like a revolutionary option, but many brands have initiated the omnichannel concept by integrating this system, and have noticed not only a high acceptance from their customers, but also attracted the eyes of a new audience.

Find out in this article how applying this delivery system can help increase sales in your physical and online stores.

How does the pickup store work?

Imagine that a consumer is looking for a dress for a party in 2 days. She doesn't have time to go and choose a model in the stores near her home because of her work and the course she takes at night, so she opted to look for a dress on the Internet.

It turns out that she met your store and found the ideal dress, but the delivery will only arrive at her house in 5 or 6 working days, too late for the party.

Before she gets discouraged and looks for another brand, she notices that there is another delivery option, with an estimated 1-2 days for delivery to one of the brand's stores.

Coincidentally on her way to work there is a brand store and she chooses to pick up the dress there.

This client solved a specific need and got to know your brand thanks to the agility of the pickup system.

Pickup provides a hybrid experience (online and offline) combining the convenience of e-commerce with the speed of delivery to a point close to the consumer's daily path.

Difference between pickup store, pickup point, and locker

Although these are ways for customers to pick up the product at locations of their choice, the consumer is directed to alternative locations to pick up the product.

In the case of the Pickup point, the customer can pick up the product at a partner of your brand, it does not specifically need to be a store, your pickup point partners can be gas stations, pharmacies, markets, grocery stores, and many others.

With Locker, the customer is directed to a specific location with a code to open a locker where your product is located for pickup. You are responsible for the product arriving in optimal condition. The difference with this system is that the customer has no social assistance at the time of pickup.

Advantages of using the Pickup Store in your e-commerce

  • Reduction of freight costs: Once the customer chooses to pick up the product in one of your physical stores, the delivery of this product can be done together with the restocking of your store, thus reducing freight costs with product shipments to the distribution center.
  • Optimization of delivery time: In this system the delivery of the product usually occurs on average in 2 days. It usually takes less time in the logistics process, because it needs few steps to be effectively in the client's hands.
  • Increased sales in physical stores: Once the online customer enters your physical store, the chances of making a new purchase are high. This is because the contact with the brand is closer, favoring the customer to have access to new products, in addition to receiving recommendations from your sales team based on their purchase.
  • Increase in the conversion of your online store: Customers who already know your brand may opt for the pickup store in times of specific needs or for the shorter delivery time than the regular shipping option. Also, by giving the cheaper delivery option, a new customer profile can experience your brand. In both cases, the increase in your online store's conversion is guaranteed.

How to implement the Pickup Store in your business

To implement the Pickup Store in your business, you need to have at least one physical store up and running so that you can integrate your operations.

You will need to invest in omnichannel technologies that will be able to integrate your inventory, cash flow, means of payment, among other processes to concentrate your operations in a single system.

Managing the logistics of orders, stores, and teams is also necessary for the pickup store to work properly. A platform can help to do this management in a simple way, allowing all people involved in the process (managers, store owners, and customers) to have access to order status information.

If you are interested, PickupBy is a platform that helps you manage orders and communicate with your team and customer about order status. It is a cost-effective platform that is great for those starting out in the omnichannel concept.

Did you like to learn more about the pickup store? Let us know in the comments.

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