Plataforma para freelancer: Veja as atualizações na plataforma Hibiro

Freelancer Platform: See the updates on the Hibiro platform

Not long ago the first version of Hibiro went live. With the intention of making life easier for agencies and owners of websites and e-commerce through Small Task. The client entered the site, made a quick registration and soon could register a task, where the only requirement was: it could be done within an hour.

However, more elaborate tasks began to appear that demanded more time from the developers, or that could not be performed on the platform because they did not meet the "small task" requirement.

Seeing the real needs of the client, we decided it was time to change and evolve Hibiro to become a platform that seeks to connect Freelancers and Buyers through a direct and super protected channel.

Now, in addition to being able to publish larger and more complex projects, it has become affordable for freelance developers in the market to sign up and use the platform as an intermediary for new work.

In addition, it is now possible to publish technology, design, communication and media projects and receive proposals from experienced professionals in a much less bureaucratic and accessible way for both parties.

What changes in the Platform:

  • Facilitated communication environment
  • Organized internal system for publishing tasks
  • Payment policy that aims to protect both sides
  • More payment options
  • Profile for professionals
  • Possibility of registering projects in several areas

A lot has changed, including the layout of the site, which is more organized and easier to navigate and find the information needed to start using the platform. But some things are too good to change, they just need to be improved, right?! So we continue to ensure quality, security and opportunity for our users.

To keep our quality standard always high, the professionals registered on the platform will be evaluated by the clients themselves through feedbacks, comments, and service evaluation. With 5 positive feedbacks and evaluations the professional can apply for Hibiro's certification, which will work as a quality seal.

Not only that, the professionals on the platform will also be able to evaluate Buyers with feedback and comments on how the experience was.

When the subject is security, we take it very seriously, so we created a payment system where professionals and buyers feel safe when executing actions on Hibiro.

It works as a kind of "custodian". The buyer enters credits that are retained on the platform, once the project is completed and delivered by one of the professionals and approved by the buyer, the credit is directed to the freelancer's account. At the end we issue and send the bill for the service. Pretty simple, right!

With Hibiro, we hope to serve the public in an excellent way, facilitating the hiring process and offering several benefits to the customer, all in order to generate opportunities for professionals who have the dream of being self-employed.

To inaugurate this new phase of the platform, we are offering 1 free hour with a developer on the platform in your first registration. This makes it easy to start that dream project, right!

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