Por que optar pela tecnologia VTEX IO em seu e-commerce?

Why choose VTEX IO technology for your e-commerce?

A VTEX is a SaaS platform (Service as a Service), with operations in more than 25 countries in Europe, North America and Latin America, and is already entering the Asian market in its recent expansion.

What makes this Brazilian multinational stand out so much in the e-commerce market is its cutting-edge technology and constant innovation in its functionalities that fosters both the internal team and the ecosystem of partners and merchants, with the clear objective of improving the customer experience.

The new technology VTEX IO, bets mainly on enhancing the creation of new experiences, greater autonomy for the merchant and shorter execution time since the development flows are faster.

In this article we will talk about VTEX IO, the main differences from VTEX CMS and why your e-commerce should opt for this new technology and its advantages.

What is VTEX IO?

O VTEX IO is a framework is a cloud development technology that provides a unique microservices architecture and allows building high-quality, low-cost web software.

The technology unifies the development of a store into a single application, where it is possible to test and scale automatically. In addition, it avoids major issues related to updates, as the store interface is independent of the development back-end.

What makes VTEX IO and VTEX CMS different?

One of the biggest differences between the two technologies, for sure, is the amount of updates. While VTEX CMS has not received any evolution for some time, VTEX IO technology receives frequent updates, both by the internal team and by partners who constantly develop new features, as well as some APP's. In this aspect Codeby stands out for a wide range of functionalities and Apps developed by our team and used in successful projects, such as Bblend e Extrafarma.

Another difference between CSM and VTEX IO are the development flows. While in CMS the flows are slower, changes take time to be active in the store and the development environment is unstructured and divided between mobile and desktop. In VTEX IO it is possible to find unified environments, which improves and makes development flows faster and gives the shopkeeper more autonomy in managing the store and making small changes through the modules.

We can see that in terms of agility and autonomy, VTEX IO excels over CMS.

Advantages of choosing VTEX IO?

  • Store content management: By having a friendly interface, the merchant has more ease in managing content and making small changes, without the need to have knowledge of code, this gives more autonomy to the merchant.
  • Test changes in real time (in the cloud): The testing of code changes can be done in real time and in the cloud, deployed. This avoids common scenarios of server configuration errors, where the code works locally but not in production.
  • Intelligent Search: This search tool corrects misspellings and understands words that are not in the registry of specific products, and provides conditional rules.
  • Develop diverse apps and integrate them with your online store: In IO, the developer works with apps through separate workspaces. With a single command, he can develop a custom app and test the changes in the code.
  • Multilanguage Store: It is possible to set up automatic translation of your store into several other languages.
  • Integration: With existing apps to your store and different payment systems, like Apples Pay or Samsung Pay.
  • Produce configurable components: This factor avoids code duplication for different stores, ensuring the customization of the store and facilitating the reuse of components in different contexts.

Knowing the advantages of the VTEX IO platform for your e-commerce is the first step to be successful when hiring the right platform for your project. The second step is to count on a technology partner that can develop your e-commerce to deliver high performance in conversions and sales rates.

If you have any questions, our team of experts can help you with any issue related to technology for e-commerce. Contact us!

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