Conheça as 5 principais causas de insatisfação do cliente no e-commerce

Know the 5 main causes of customer dissatisfaction in e-commerce

With the global events of the last two years, the consumer experience has developed much faster than expected. Brand interactions and shopping experiences have taken extremely different directions than they used to.

By 2022, 50% of global consumers say that the pandemic has made them reevaluate their purposes about what is really important, going back to different aspects of how we lived, worked and shopped just 2 years ago.

In a highly competitive market, personalized service has become synonymous with customer loyalty.

As more and more consumers become digital shoppers, online retailers are living a painful reality that while e-commerce allows them to stay afloat during the downturn, this new reliance on online sales comes at a cost.

With this new scenario, the reflection that sets in is precisely in relation to success around digital channels. And with this, it is also highlighted what are the factors that lead online stores to lose sales opportunities and have a poor performance in the company's planning.

What makes consumers lose interest in your e-commerce?

  • Lengthy registration
  • Asking for too much personal data is a bad idea if you want the consumer to follow through and not abandon the cart. Having detailed user information may be good for sending personalized offers, but there is no point in beating around the bush if your conversion rate is low.

    So only ask for what is really necessary in the first moment. You will not give a good impression to users by making a huge inquiry, quite the contrary.

  • Expensive freight
  • Another factor that scares many consumers during the buying process is the amount of freight. One of the biggest attractions of e-commerce is precisely the price of the products. So, if before finalizing the order, the user realizes that the price is much higher than expected, he will not think twice before closing the window and look for alternatives.

    Thus, it is essential to choose well a partner carrier and check whether it is not feasible to use the Post Office to lower the freight price. Also consider the option of offering free shipping for purchases over a certain amount. This can encourage consumers to buy more than one product.

  • Poor site usability
  • You have probably already entered a website to perform an action, but found it too confusing and ended up closing the page. This could be happening to your potential customers and you may not even realize it.

    The user experience at the time of purchase is crucial for them to be satisfied and become a loyal customer. For this, a good idea is to use a heat map tool and check the areas of the site that receive more attention. This way you can position key elements such as the checkout button in the appropriate place.

  • Few service channels
  • It is not only physical stores that have to worry about the quality of customer service. Consumers want to have their questions answered on the spot, without having to wait for an answer by e-mail or phone call.

    One tip is to implement an online chat on your site. This way, the user can be attended to on the same page where the purchase is being made. If your e-commerce has a large flow and/or you want to save on customer service, it is worth investing in a chatbot.

  • Lack of a Marketing Strategy
  • The e-commerce platform is not always to blame for cart abandonment. Sometimes the user is not yet ready to finalize the purchase and needs to go through some steps that we call the "customer journey".

    Therefore, it is important that you develop some actions to encourage users to become customers, such as displaying testimonials from satisfied buyers and doing remarketing. This last strategy consists in showing ads for your product to consumers who have not completed the purchase. This way, you will not be forgotten when the right moment comes.

    Although e-commerce is widely used today as a separate channel and often as the main sales vehicle, it is important to realize the need to expand the mindset when thinking that an online store is the most important channel of interaction with the customer.

    To do this, it is important to pay attention to the factors that can help your online store not to miss buying opportunities.

    A major advantage of online stores over physical stores is the amount of information and reports that can be generated and tracked.

    As practically everything is done in a computer system, it is registered and can become a report. Keeping track of this information is extremely important for a professional management of an e-commerce.

    However, the tip here is for you to select only the metrics that make a difference for the business, so they must be closely monitored.

    Many administrators get lost in the middle of too much information that does not have much value and end up not paying attention to others that may indicate loss of revenue or unnecessary expenses.

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