Projeto Codeby: O marketplace da On Stores  que integra shopping Centers da rede

Codeby Project: OnStores Marketplaces that integrates Shopping Centers in the chain

O OnStores é um projeto criado em 2017 pela Cyrela Commercial Properties S/A, uma das empresas líderes no desenvolvimento, comercialização e gestão de imóveis comerciais no mercado brasileiro, com mais de 1.500 varejistas em seus empreendimentos no país.

Com forte presença em São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro e Goiás, a OnStores tornou-se um marketplace e plataforma de serviços digitais especializada em Shopping Centers, proporcionando ao cliente um mix completo, mais conforto e comodidade ao oferecer produtos de lojas físicas e lojas parceiras online em sua vitrine.

O cenário

Em 2019, a CCP (Cyrela Commercial Properties S/A) tinha a perspectiva de criar hubs dentro de cada shopping, com o intuito de criar um ecossistema de integração entre lojistas. O projeto foi pensado para atender a necessidade de transformação digital. Em meio a um cenário delicado, a marca buscou nossa parceria especializada para implementar esse projeto pioneiro no Brasil por meio da tecnologia. Nossa equipe de especialistas na plataforma VTEX trabalhou com foco no sucesso do projeto.

O projeto

We work with different objectives in development, depending on the size of the project. As basic objectives we had the migration to the VTEX Platform and the development of the marketplace using VTEX’S own collaborative commerce solution. We also carried out the redesign of the store and development of a Design focused on the user experience and the creation of personalized features. In addition, we focused on structuring the websites of other malls in the chain.

Another objective of this project was to develop a digital environment where the user could stay until the purchase was finalized and choose the way to receive their product. This way, we developed the store using VTEX IO, which gives us more flexibility for development and the possibility to create customized features, such as scripts, to perform tasks in an automated way.

We developed an app called Migrador, which allowed us to migrate the website of 06 malls to the platform in a reduced time, enabling the start of the marketplace operation. In addition, we built a content management platform and integrated all the services necessary for users to have a unique experience on any mall website they access.

In the end, another primary objective for the project was to offer shopkeepers an intuitive control panel with general information about sales volume, authorized payments, product stock and other important information for managing the store. This was developed in VTEX CMS, with Rich Relevance integration, for customizing product display rules, for example. Our team made an automation middleware to synchronize information between the VTEX platform, Rich Relevance and the OnStores website.

To complete this project, we integrated the checkout so that the customer has the ease of shopping on the connected websites of the different malls in the chain and has the ease of adding to the same cart and finalizing the purchase in a single checkout process. Also working for the different added merchants.

The result

The OnStores project went live with praise, the online shopping complex allows the user to browse all the websites and stores linked to them, in a single environment. In addition, the user has the option to choose how he wants his deliveries to be made, whether at his home or at the store located in the physical mall.

The project provides more convenience to the customer and is a solution for many retailers who can now count on yet another sales channel in their strategy.

The OnStores website already has 06 websites interconnected in its environment and will soon bring more innovations to the Shopping Center sector.

You can check the result at:

About VTEX Platform

VTEX is a SaaS platform for e-commerce that has fully integrated marketplace, commerce and OMS solutions. It is a platform that allows greater customization and scalability to online businesses, so its technology fits the demands of businesses of all sizes and needs.

Get in touch with our team of experts and learn more about the conditions to turn your project into reality.

Get in touch with our team of experts and learn more about the conditions to turn your project into reality.

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