Projeto Codeby: Conheça o novo marketplace da Creditas no México

Project Codeby: Discover Creditas’ new marketplace in Mexico

Creditas is an online secured credit platform, with the aim of guaranteeing financial progress for many people who need to use credit for their life projects.

The company was born in Brazil in 2012 as BankFacil and only in 2017, after the company’s growth and the decision to stop being a buyer of financial products to focus exclusively on guarantee credit, the company changed its name to Creditas.

Today, the company has more than 5 million loan requests, in addition to embarking on e-commerce and its own marketplace, offering high value-added products through collateral credit.

The scenario

In mid-2020, Creditas became the new Brazilian “unicorn” after an investment round that allowed the company to start expanding its products in three areas: as a financial services ecosystem, consumer solutions and other products, in addition to expanding the company to Mexico.

Part of this expansion will involve the development and launch of a marketplace that uses customer assets as credit guarantees for purchases of high value-added products.

Creditas sought our assistance to develop its new marketplace in Mexico, using as a basis the project that is already running in Brazil.

The project

Creditas needed to quickly start its marketplace in Mexico, so the deadline for this project was what guided our team throughout the development, making it possible to deliver it in just 3 weeks.

Our team developed the new website based on the website of Creditas Brasil, customizing the front end and adapting the business model to the marketplace. For these resources, the choice of platform was essential, as VTEX has an efficient ecosystem for creating and managing a marketplace, even having a network that connects shopkeepers to online malls.

As Creditas has a different method of payment, through credit as a guarantee, we created the payment method based on the interest rates of the loan that the company offers to consumers.

Besides that, the purchase flow in Creditas Mexico store offers the customer easy payment methods, with payroll discounts. The customer who chooses to purchase the products may have the amount deducted from their payslip within the period established by the seller.

The result

The result is an e-commerce marketplace, developed on the VTEX platform, using personalized payment methods. The website is fully mobile friendly, which contributes to its performance on mobile devices.

In analysis, the website showed interesting numbers in load time both on desktop (1.6 seconds) and in its mobile version (3.9 seconds) and also in its SEO score, which shows that it is optimized for search engines.

You can check the result at

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