Projeto Codeby: Marketplace online do Shopping Leblon conta com 38 lojas integradas na plataforma VTEX

Codeby Project: Shopping Leblon's online marketplace has 38 stores integrated into the VTEX platform

The scenario

With the global health crisis in 2020, the Brazilian e-commerce growth was 26.9% in the year 2021, when compared to the previous year. Many factors promoted innovation in the sector, seeking to better exploit the digital environment, which caused the turnover to reach R$161 billion.

With this, Shopping Leblon saw the need to find innovation through digitalization. Not only with the chance to increase sales possibilities, but also on behalf of the new behavior that the consumer started to demonstrate since just before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The need to bet on marketplaces was perceived, offering the option of virtual navigation inside the shopping center, bringing together the physical stores on a single platform.

Thus, Shopping Leblon sought Codeby's assistance for the development of a project for the creation of an e-commerce.

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The Project

Shopping Leblon needed to create an e-commerce from scratch, in VTEX IO, following the Aliansce Sonae quality standard - the largest shopping center management company in the country, which is also responsible for managing Shopping Leblon.

So that all physical stores could sell on Shopping Leblon's marketplace, some sellers were created within the mall's digital environment, where each shopkeeper could place his stock, prices, and all the necessary information to make a virtual sale.

Thus, the importance of choosing the platform in this case happened because of the VTEX structure, which allows the shopkeeper the functionality to add other stores to its Marketplace, whether they are VTEX or not.

In addition, VTEX also offers the Collaborative Commerce platform, enabling the connection of stores that want to become Marketplaces, with brands that want to sell within Marketplaces.

Although the deadline offered a certain challenge, it was possible to deliver the project in just over a month with the commitment of our experts, in combination with the responsible team and the Aliansce Sonae team.

Our team developed the Shopping Leblon marketplace using QA on different devices and following VTEX performance best practices.

In addition, a functionality was created that adds one more transactional email to the purchase process that informs the customer all the information about the product withdrawal in the store, done through an app, created by our team, inside the VTEX platform adding more transactional emails to the standard notifications already offered by the platform.

Regarding the integration of channels, the whole project was made thinking in omnichannel strategies, with the possibility of picking up the purchase at the mall store, at the Locker, or receiving it at home.

The result

The result is an e-commerce marketplace of Shopping Leblon, with 38 stores integrated into the VTEX platform within Aliansce Sonae standards. The platform chosen was VTEX IO, so the site offers greater accessibility and security for the consumer. In addition, it is totally mobile friendly which contributes to its performance on mobile devices.

In analysis, the site presented interesting numbers in desktop loading time (1.8 seconds) and also in desktop interaction time (1.2 seconds).

Check the results at:

About the VTEX platform

VTEX is a SaaS e-commerce platform with fully integrated marketplace, commerce and OMS solutions. It is a platform that allows greater customization and scalability to online businesses, so its technology fits the needs of all sizes and business models.

Contact our experts and learn about the conditions to make your project a reality.

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Codeby is a company specialized in technology that seeks to transform the shopping experience in the digital channels of our clients.

We have been in the market for over 7 years, changing the reality of large brands through customized technological solutions for online store environments.

We have been for 4 years among the MVP partners of the VTEX platform, besides being important partners of platforms like Shopify and LINX, with certified professionals in all these technologies.

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